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Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

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Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

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What’s Inside

New and innovative pentesting and cybersecurity tools appear on the scene with surprising speed, and it can be tempting to use as many as possible in an engagement. But if you can’t fully take advantage of the tool and the results it provides, what’s the point in using it? 

Enter PlexTrac and its wide range of integrations and flexible Open API. With PlexTrac, your team can utilize the right tools, put them to use at the right time, and compile the right information and results with minimal effort to create a final reporting product that can be useful to all of the engagement’s shareholders. Check out our guide today to learn how PlexTrac pairs seamlessly with

  • Vulnerability Scanners
  • Automated Pentesting Platforms
  • Bug Bounty Tools
  • Adversary Emulation Plans
  • Ticketing Tools
  • And more!