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WEBINAR· JAN 17, 2023· 11:00AM MST

Measuring Your Offensive Security Maturity:

Perfect Your Processes



Without mature processes, even the best cyber teams and most advanced technologies are no match for bad actors. Clearly defined goals and documented processes — followed consistently — are necessary to truly make and demonstrate progress. While not the most exciting aspect of program building, creating and managing good processes across your security team is vital in maturing your program and its capabilities.

Echelon Risk + Cyber and PlexTrac are pleased to present part three of our webinar series diving into the key areas of your offensive security strategy: people, process, and technology. This installment will focus on your processes — an important but often overlooked element of an organization’s security posture.

We’ll discuss the most important decisions your security team must make relating to processes, including

  • Documenting your strategy, mission, and goals
  • Aligning a strategic vision to an actionable plan
  • Executing on processes consistently through tooling and training
  • Building in checkpoints and evaluation

Our experts in offensive security will share tips on how to create a strong foundation on which your program can build by strengthening and standardizing your processes to fight back against the growing complexity of security threats.

Join us live on Zoom on Tuesday, January 17th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. See you there!


JAN 17, 2023 11:00AM in Mountain Standard Time (MST)


Dan Desko

CEO + Managing Partner, Echelon Risk + Cyber
With nearly 20 years of experience in IT, audit, risk and cybersecurity, Dan has led and built highly focused cybersecurity teams at top professional service firms before joining Echelon. Dan’s experience establishing and offering new and innovative lines of cybersecurity services not only provides leadership across the industry and organization; it’s the reason Echelon was built and serves as its vision for growth.

Dahvid Schloss

Manager + Offensive Security Lead, Echelon Risk + CyberWith over 12 years of cyber-attack and defense experience, Dahvid has previously worked as a Red Team Operator with a Big 4 consulting firm leading and conducting Adversarial Emulation exercises as well as served in the military, leading, conducting, and advising on special operations offensive cyber operations. He has a wide background in cyber security including logical, social, and physical exploitation as well as incident response and system/network device hardening. ​Dahvid is also a Malware Development Instructor, growing Adversarial Emulation knowledge to those looking to expand their knowledge in the highly specialized space.

Nick Popovich

Hacker in Residence, PlexTrac
Nick Popovich’s passion is learning and exploring technology ecosystems, and trying to find ways to utilize systems in unexpected ways. His career has focused on adversarial threat simulation, offensive and defensive security, and advanced technical security assessments. Nick’s mission is to help individuals and organizations involved with defensive security operations to have an opportunity to observe the mechanics and methods of the attackers they’re defending against, and to assist in realistically testing those defenses. He’s a lifelong learner and loves finding new ways to get under the hood of systems and networks. He is a father of three and a husband to one.

Dan DeCloss

Founder and CEO, PlexTrac
Dan has over 15 years of experience in cybersecurity. Dan started his career in the Department of Defense and then moved on to consulting where he worked for various companies. Prior to PlexTrac, Dan was the Director of Cybersecurity for Scentsy where he and his team built the security program out of its infancy into a best-in-class program. Dan has a master’s degree in Computer Science from the Naval Postgraduate School with an emphasis in Information Security. Additionally, Dan holds the OSCP and CISSP certifications.