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WEBINAR· APR 12, 2023· 11:00AM MST

Driving Value from Your Security Services:

Collaborate > Remediate > Accelerate

JT Gaietto

Chief Security Officer
Digital Silence

Victor Teissler

Director of Offensive Security
Digital Silence

Nick Popovich

Hacker in Residence



Penetration testing is the ubiquitous proactive cybersecurity activity that every organization should be doing. While pentests are valuable activities, are they providing enough insights to truly move the needle? It may be time to innovate your offensive security strategy by layering in collaborative methods that support faster remediation and real progress.

Join PlexTrac and Digital Silence to learn how to

  • Collaborate with testers on your engagements to gain more actionable insights
  • Remediate more efficiently based on better prioritization and streamlined tracking
  • Accelerate your security program maturity by increasing the frequency and effectiveness of your offensive testing to make measurable progress

This webinar will discuss next generation testing styles that give organizations a more comprehensive overview of their environment. Using modern threat detection by-pass techniques Digital Silence’s Heliotrope testing style blends the best of red and blue teaming to deliver more meaningful insights. Combined with PlexTrac, it gives organizations a complete picture of their risks and an actionable understanding of how to protect themselves.

Join us live on Zoom on Wednesday, April 12th at 10am PT / 1pm ET. See you there!


APR 12, 2023 11:00AM in Mountain Standard Time (MST)


JT Gaietto

JT Gaietto, Digital Silence’s Chief Security Officer, collaborates with leaders on the IT and business side to help everyone understand the threat landscape, align security priorities with business goals, and maintain an eye on ever-increasing regulatory compliance. His 25 year career has spanned a wide array of cybersecurity roles, with extensive experience in the financial services industry.

He is an MPA certified TPN site security assessor, CISSP, a certified forensics examiner (ISFCE), contributor of the CDSA App and Cloud framework, Credit Union Board of Director, and has earned a Defcon black badge.

Victor Teissler

Victor Teissler leads Offensive Security for Digital Silence. Long-time tinkerer, hacker and reverse engineer turned director – Victor leverages his extensive and ongoing experience as a tester to direct a team of world-class offensive security experts.

In his spare time, Victor continues to hack on personal projects for fun, maintaining and improving his skill set.

Nick Popovich

Nick Popovich’s passion is learning and exploring technology ecosystems, and trying to find ways to utilize systems in unexpected ways. His career has focused on adversarial threat simulation, offensive and defensive security, and advanced technical security assessments. Nick’s mission is to help individuals and organizations involved with defensive security operations to have an opportunity to observe the mechanics and methods of the attackers they’re defending against, and to assist in realistically testing those defenses. He’s a lifelong learner and loves finding new ways to get under the hood of systems and networks. He is a father of three and a husband to one.