The Benefits of Purple Teaming

Use PlexTrac and BlindSPOT to Conduct Purple Teaming Exercises

Purple teaming helps cybersecurity professionals focus on the right work. The benefits of conducting effective purple teaming are seemingly endless. In this blog post you’ll discover

  • Tangible data that demonstrates the difference between purple teaming exercises and traditional penetration testing (red/blue team exercises)
  • PlexTrac, the purple teaming platform, that helps users facilitate purple teaming activities and aggregate data
  • BlindSPOT, a continuous breach simulation empowerment platform.
  • An integration between PlexTrac and BlindSPOT so you can reap the benefits of being purple.

PlexTrac and OnDefend also teamed up to talk about the benefits of being purple (and how to use these two awesome platforms) in a webinar. Watch below:

Improve Your Security Posture by Purple Teaming

Before we get to purple teaming solutions, it’s important to understand the security industry problem that warranted a solution in the first place: a lack of understanding of adversarial behavior.

In a recent study conducted by PlexTrac and CyberRisk Alliance, less than one third of respondents believed their organization’s ability to understand adversarial behavior was great. As a security professional, you can’t defend against tactics, techniques, and procedures that you don’t know exist. In addition to this problem, red and blue teams are commonly facing challenges like siloed data and inability to get data analytics, limited resources, and a process that takes too long.

How do you stop attacks when you don’t understand the attacker and struggle to grasp your real-time security posture? The solution is purple teaming. Eighty-eight percent of purple teamers, compared to only 52 percent of traditional pentesters (red/blue teamers), say their exercises are “very effective” in defending against ransomware and other advanced attacks. Additionally, 89 percent of those who’ve conducted purple teaming exercises deem them “very important.”

So, if purple teamers are more effective at defending against dangerous adversaries and believe it’s very important to their security processes, shouldn’t everyone be purple? We sure think so.

Use PlexTrac to Conduct Purple Teaming Exercises

If you’re looking for a platform to help you get started with purple teaming — or one to help improve your purple teaming maturity — PlexTrac’s Runbooks module is for you.

PlexTrac’s Runbooks module is the perfect place to script and standardize your teams’ engagements, execute with checklist precision and real-time collaboration, and analyze all of your purple teaming data with Runbooks Analytics. This all culminates with the end product — a powerful, evidence-backed report.

See a quick demo of PlexTrac’s Runbooks module from our Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss below:

Use BlindSPOT for Continuous Breach Simulation

What’s the perfect compliment to a platform like PlexTrac? BlindSPOT is a continuous breach and attack simulation (BAS) platform focused on empowering the blue team to level the playing field against dangerous adversaries and ransomware.

Network defenders rely on a whole suite of security tools to detect and respond to real-world cyber attacks. However, these security tools are largely siloed, leaving security pros with many blind spots. BlindSPOT, unsurprisingly, is all about detecting your enterprise security blind spots.

See a ransomware attack simulation carried out on BlindSPOT below:

Experience Purple Teaming Benefits: PlexTrac and BlindSPOT Integration

Your program doesn’t need to be ultra mature to become purple. One of the best ways to get started with purple teaming is to use platforms like PlexTrac in combination with BAS platforms like BlindSPOT. And want to know the best part? The two platforms are integrated, and can even be bought as a package.

BlindSPOT data is extremely powerful, and that power is quickly escalated once it’s ingested into PlexTrac for slicing and dicing.

Click here to book a live demo of the PlexTrac platform.

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