PlexTrac Update Release Notes — October 1st, 2020

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October 1st, 2020

With the release of Runbooks for PlexTrac, our release notes will now include notes on both the core PlexTrac platform and the Runbooks module.


  • If you have not yet performed the required database migration to Couchbase 6.5.1, you will not be able to access this (or future) updates.
  • If you need to perform this migration, please take a moment now to self-schedule a time using this link:
  • If you performed your migration on or before Wed, 23 September, this update will require a database update (not a migration – this is a self-service function). Please follow the steps here that include a database update:
  • If you performed your migration after 23 September, you will simply ./ from the /opt/plextrac folder on your server.
  • In the past, each update required the database to be taken down and restored – this is no longer the case. However, we still encourage you to either manually perform a local backup as a normal part of your update process, or automate this process via a chron job for the command
    • sudo ./ backup
  • This probably goes without saying to our community, but we also highly encourage you to automate off-server backups. This can be done at the OS level (e.g. snapshots), or simply by pushing newly created backups (stored in /opt/plextrac/backups and /opt/plextrac/uploads) to an off-server solution (e.g. S3 bucket).
    • This command will tarball the required files from both directories for ease of transfer. Run from /opt/plextrac:
      sudo tar -zvcf $(hostname)_$(date “+%Y-%m-%d”)_backup.tar.gz backups/ uploads/

PlexTrac Core

Finding Sub-Status

Prior to this release, each finding could be assigned one of three remediation statuses: Open, In Process or Closed.

Many of our partners have communicated a desire for more options, and with this release, we now provide the flexibility to define your own.

To configure your Sub-Statuses:

In this settings module, you are presented with the ability to define as many Sub-Status for each major status as desired:

Whenever you interact with the Status Tracker for a Finding you will have an option for assigning any sub-statuses you create:

In addition, a Custom Field is created in the finding generated from the question, allowing you to easily reference the attachments submitted within the context of that question:

Assessment Editing Workflow Enhancements

With the recent additions of custom input fields, custom content fields and the ability to create multiple sets of radio button questions, users can spend quite a bit of time creating a single question. To help prevent loss of work, we have implemented two new features:

Sticky Save Bar

No matter how far down the page you scroll, the save indicator is now always within view:

Unsaved Work Notifications

If you attempt to navigate away from a question you are editing, you will now receive a warning notification until you save:

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed issue where the “Description” field contents were truncated when submitting an assessment
  • Fixed inability to remove parent/child relationship from an asset


Preview of Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

When building a new Runbook, you can now expand Tactics, Techniques and Procedures to view the description:

Mark as Completed

It’s true – sometimes the Blue Team’s defenses thwart an attack straight away. In these circumstances, completion of all the execution steps for a procedure is not possible, but the attack is technically complete. You can now mark procedures as complete with a simple slider:

Procedures marked as complete are annotated as such in the Overview:

Updating Your Instance

If you are self-hosting your PlexTrac Instance, gain access to all these enhancements by updating to the latest release using the procedures in our documentation.

Note: This release requires a database update for users who performed their migration on or before September 23rd, 2020.

Encountering a friction point? You can always obtain email support by dropping us a line at Feel like your issue would be better addressed with a screen share? Self-schedule a Zoom support slot using this link:

Our development roadmap is 100% driven by our customer requirements. If you have an idea for how PlexTrac can better support your needs, drop us a line!


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