PlexTrac, Inc. to Release Runbooks

Exciting new cybersecurity playbook module will become available September 9

September 1, 2020

Boise, Idaho—PlexTrac, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of a new module called Runbooks for PlexTrac. The new addition to the PlexTrac suite will complement the company’s existing modules and interest new users by giving clients the power to effectively and efficiently plan, execute and report their assessments. Runbooks can exponentially increase the productivity of cybersecurity teams—both red and blue. 

PlexTrac Vice President of Success Shawn Scott said, “Purple Teaming has rightly gained popularity as a highly effective method for refining and testing defensive strategies that are informed by offensive security. While Purple Teaming methodologies have matured, our industry has lacked a platform to facilitate the planning, execution and debrief of these engagements. Runbooks was built from the ground up as a force-multiplier for Purple Team engagements, providing a one-stop, tooth-to-tail solution.”

With Runbooks, teams will gain a mechanism for standardizing their methodologies to optimize their cybersecurity program no matter the experience of their team members. Scott said, “For years the industry has lamented about the critical shortage of qualified pentesters and assessors. We can’t make bodies, but we can help speed the development of those new to the profession. Runbooks gives team leaders an easy way to ‘level-up’ junior testers by scripting an engagement to whatever level of granularity they desire. Junior practitioners get the guidance they need, and leaders get peace of mind that their organization is presenting a consistent service that meets their standards.”

Runbooks facilitates real-time collaboration with time-stamped activity logs and ability to capture screen shots and other evidence that contribute to effective debriefs and data-supported reporting. Runbooks makes running reports effortless and customizable to an organization’s custom .docx templates. Runbooks for PlexTrac will change the way security teams do business.

PlexTrac Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss said, “Runbooks is a game changer for the industry, empowering teams to maintain a consistent and repeatable proactive assessment program.  Runbooks in tandem with PlexTrac’s powerful reporting engine equips teams to focus all energies on finding and fixing security holes in a collaborative, efficient and consistent approach.”

Runbooks for PlexTrac releases September 9. Learn more about the exciting new module at the Runbooks for PlexTrac Launch Party Webinar happening that day at 10 AM PDT (1 PM EDT). Hear from PlexTrac representatives Dan DeCloss and Shawn Scott and from Practice Director for the Herjavec Group Bobby Kuzma about Runbooks use cases and how PlexTrac can support security professionals and teams of all sizes.

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PlexTrac, Inc. is a fast-growing cybersecurity company driven by a mission to improve the security posture of organizations and security teams of all sizes. The PlexTrac solution is a software platform focused on streamlining the reporting and remediation of cybersecurity risks and aiding efficient collaboration within security teams. Supporting organizations using a purple teaming paradigm, PlexTrac serves as the central communication hub to aggregate all of the components of an organization’s cybersecurity program. 

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