PlexTrac for Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Teams

There’s a PlexTrac for Every Security Team

Compliance doesn’t guarantee security, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Security pros in the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) space need an efficient way to collect, dissect, and analyze the results of security assessments they conduct — whether they’re based on popular frameworks or homemade. Conducting and analyzing these assessments is made easy in PlexTrac.

There’s a PlexTrac for Every Security Team is a blog series designed to show the depth and versatility that makes PlexTrac the mission critical platform for security teams of all shapes and sizes. This time around, we’re going to be diving deep into PlexTrac functionality built to serve GRC teams.

Better reports. Deeper assessments. More insights. Deliver results with PlexTrac.

GRC Assessments: Compliance Through PlexTrac

The bulk of the PlexTrac solution for GRC professionals lives in the Assessments module.  The Assessments module is powerful, flexible, and comprehensive, and streamlines a process that is often made needlessly complex.

Building and launching questionnaires on the platform is a fully customizable process, and can be as simple or complex as your team requires. Base questions on common assessment frameworks (i.e. NIST, CIS, PCI, and more) or create your own framework, and tailor the questionnaire’s content to your unique use case. 

Additionally, assessments created in PlexTrac are not bound to a question limit and can include both multiple choice and free response answers.

Assessments to Reports: Collect, Refine, and Report

The workflow for the Assessments module can be easily broken down into three words: collect, refine, and report.

Collection has never been easier, as assessments are administered from the same platform they’re created in. Once the data is gathered, it’s easy to refine the responses you receive and enrich them by attaching supporting artifacts, like code snippets, screenshots, and video.

Finally, it’s time to report. PlexTrac’s reporting engine is second to none, and allows users to create powerful, evidence-based reports in half the time. Gone are the days of excessive CTRL-C to CTRL-V, as all of your findings and data live in the same web-based platform.

The Ultimate Workflow Platform: Centralize Your Efforts

Many have found massive success using PlexTrac to conduct their GRC assessments, and security service providers will find that PlexTrac is a versatile platform for all kinds of consulting work.

In addition to compliance assessments, the platform is perfect for consultants who specialize in penetration testing, vulnerability management, perimeter management, or even those that are managed security service providers (MSSPs).

From one-person security consultancies to enterprises with large in-house teams, and everything in between, there’s a PlexTrac for every security team.

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