PlexTrac Announces New Runbooks Module — Launching September 9th, 2020

Plan. Execute. Report

August 21st, 2020

Today is an exciting Friday for PlexTrac, as we finally get to discuss our new module with the public. Runbooks is coming… The full launch of the new addition to the PlexTrac family is slated for September 9th, 2020. Our development team is currently hard at work, putting the finishing touches on the powerful and useful new module.

Plan, execute, and report with Runbooks for PlexTrac.

What is Runbooks?

Runbooks was made to address problems that many organizations are facing in today’s security world. Some of the most valuable use cases for Runbooks are listed below:

1. Create standardized processes to help script your engagements: Focus testing resources where you have gaps in understanding. Standardize your methodologies to ensure consistency. Script your activities to support junior testers. Leverage existing frameworks—like MITRE ATT&CK—or create your own.

2. Facilitate real-time collaboration to execute with checklist precision: Ensure complete coverage of the attack surface. Track each step of execution by both red and blue teams with time-stamped activity logs that facilitate collaborative debriefs. Effortlessly collect evidence such as screenshots and logs.

3. Produce evidence-backed reports with Runbooks: Triage your collected evidence. Submit your engagement into an intuitive report format that organizes and structures all your data. Enrich and refine your results, then export to your custom .docx—or simply use PlexTrac as your remediation tracking platform.

What do You Have Planned for the Release of Runbooks?

Today is just the beginning of our promotion for Runbooks. We have a lot more planned for you when it comes to new content to support our launch. You can expect the following in the coming weeks:

  • A special release party webinar with a special guest is planned for the release date of Runbooks for PlexTrac: September 9th, 2020. This webinar will demo the module, answer all questions you have, and speak on Runbooks’ many use cases.
NOTE: We will have more details on this event next week, so stay tuned. 
  • The release of continuous, engaging content that shows just how special Runbooks is. The content planned includes detailed blog posts, engaging infographics, useful videos, the previously-mentioned webinar, and much more.

How do I See Runbooks in Action?

While the full version of Runbooks isn’t scheduled to release until September 9th, you can see Runbooks in action TODAY!

Schedule a demo with our team here to get a complete walkthrough of the module and have all of your questions answered. Entering promo code “Runbooks” on your demo form will ensure we know exactly what you’re trying to see when we demo with you.

We'll have a lot more to share with you soon
-The PlexTrac Team

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