PlexTrac Announces Integration with Core Impact

March 11th, 2020

We at PlexTrac are very excited to announce that in our latest update we have added the ability for users to parse Core Impact exports! With their recent acquisition of Cobalt Strike, Core Security continues to advance their capabilities and we are excited to offer this new integration.

About PlexTrac

As the Purple Teaming Platform, PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams in the battle against attackers, driven by their mission to help the good guys win. PlexTrac provides cybersecurity teams with unparalleled power when it comes to aggregating, analyzing, tracking, remediating, and reporting security findings. In addition, PlexTrac may be used as a collaboration tool between red and blue teams, making it the perfect platform for effective purple teaming.

About Core Impact

Core Impact is a comprehensive penetration testing tool that provides a controlled environment and commercially developed exploits to safely uncover security weaknesses and determine how a malicious attacker might gain access to or disrupt your network. Intended for testers of every level, Core Impact empowers your security team to increase collaboration, boost productivity, and improve efficiencies. Learn more at

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Dallon Zinszer
PlexTrac | Marketing Manager