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What’s New?

What’s New?

PlexTrac’s Latest and Greatest

PlexTrac is always working to offer new or improved features, integrations, and functionality to make your life easier as a security professional. As the premier reporting and workflow management platform, PlexTrac seeks to remain in tune with your needs and where the industry is moving so, together, we can all stay ahead of the threats. Whether your team utilizes a few modules or the full spectrum of PlexTrac’s capabilities, you will want to stay up to date on all our newest innovative offerings.
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Enhanced Functionality


Runbooks enhancements create improved functionality throughout the feature. Preloaded curated content in the form of a PlexTrac template, Test Plan wizard, and built-in procedures from MITRE and Atomic Red Team ensure quick startup based on industry best practices. Enjoy an improved and fully customizable user experience in test planning and increased control over reusable content with Runbooks Repositories. Purple teaming and continuous assessment are now more accessible than ever before! 




Our enhanced Jira integration includes robust flexibility, which makes remediation tracking from PlexTrac seamless, ensuring there will be no need to establish a new process for current Jira users. Select only the specific projects you want the ability to create issues within, map fields at the project level, determine the issue type to create, and determine direction and frequency of the sync for every mappable field.



Bulk Paste Affected Assets

Quickly copy and paste a list of affected assets to add to a finding within the report view. PlexTrac will automatically match your list to existing assets, create new assets, and break out any child assets separately. Review the final list and uncheck any assets that are not to be added.


New Collaborative Functionality

Collaboration among your team on reports has just gotten easier. With new avatars, alerts, and icons added to reports, you now have visibility into which users are actively working on specific sections of the report. Content autosaves at the section level, so you can work on different sections simultaneously.

CK Editor in action

Parser Integration

CSV Findings Import

Import a CSV of findings directly into a PlexTrac report using our CSV parser. Simply download our CSV template, customize the mapping as needed, then add any desired tags upon import.

Bulk Actions

New Bulk Actions Available within Findings & Assets

New bulk actions are now available within findings and affected assets for a more consistent experience across the platform. Within an asset, you may now bulk edit status, and delete or assign asset findings. Within a finding, you may now bulk delete affected assets.

User Dashboard

Actionable Dashboard

See a snapshot of everything assigned to you immediately upon logging in with our optimized dashboard experience. All assigned findings, reports, and assessments now display as actionable widgets. View, update, and close findings directly from the dashboard view! 

Our “Recently Viewed Reports” section includes links for quick navigation to your four most recent reports. Click to pick up right where you left off.


Learn more about the platform

PlexTrac Platform Overview eBook

Everything you need to know about the PlexTrac platform capabilities is collected in a handy eBook format for your reference or sharing with your team.

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