PlexTrac's Latest and Greatest

PlexTrac is always working to offer new or improved features, integrations, and functionality to make your life easier as a security professional. As the premier reporting and workflow management platform, PlexTrac seeks to remain in tune with your needs and where the industry is moving so, together, we can all stay ahead of the threats. Whether your team utilizes a few modules or the full spectrum of PlexTrac’s capabilities, you will want to stay up to date on all our newest innovative offerings.


Quality, Consistency, Speed

PlexTrac’s Content Library is the ultimate time saver, providing security report creators with seamlessly integrated, fully customizable repositories for all their reusable content including narratives and writeups. Use keyword or tag search to quickly add content to your reports. Store rich text with embedded images or tables. Ensure standardization by controlling who has read and write access. Stop copying and pasting and make consistency easy!


Quality Writing Made Easy

Build out reports seamlessly with NarrativesDB repositories of reusable content, like key strengths, key weaknesses, team member bios, SOWs, summaries, etc. Organize narrative snippets into collections for easy and controlled access. NarrativesDB will help you eliminate the inconsistencies that come with continuous copy and pasting, ensure consistency and quality in every report, and save time in report building.


Separate Catalogs for Each Practice

Use Repositories in the WriteupsDB to create and manage different collections of reusable content specific to the needs of each team or practice in your consultancy, for example, all in the PlexTrac platform. Repositories allow for many teams to have their own working space, complete with all of the content and permissions relevant to that practice.


Import from HackerOne and Snyk

A new native API integration with HackerOne represents PlexTrac’s first penetration testing as a service (PTaaS) product integration, which will allow users to push triaged bug bounty findings directly into PlexTrac via API call. With the new Snyk integration, you can pull into PlexTrac and aggregate Snyk findings about vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code.


Track Performance to Your Quality Standard

Configure, manage, track, and report on how you and your team are performing against service-level agreements (SLAs) directly in the PlexTrac platform. With the Trends and SLAs feature, you can easily establish time frames for resolving issues and findings by level of criticality, see trends for SLAs over time, and answer the most pressing progress and performance questions for your security team or clients.


Efficiency, Productivity, and Collaboration

Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows enables editing, commenting, and proofreading — or QA — on all reports inside the platform. With QA Workflows, your team can collaborate on reports without ever needing to export to Word again!


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