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PlexTrac Delivers Low Code Pentest Reporting Automation

Latest release accelerates time to value and enables mass customization of offensive security reports at scale in minutes

Boise, ID – October 10, 2023 — PlexTrac, the leader in automated pentest reporting and team collaboration solutions, today announced the latest release of its award-winning platform with new Pre-Built Report Export Templates, Style Guides, and Configurable Findings Layout capabilities designed to enable customers to streamline pentest reporting workflows in a matter of minutes, while providing the ability to customize reports at scale without writing code. PlexTrac customers can enjoy faster time to value by leveraging a custom template on day one while rapidly building out a full suite of custom reports in minutes without relying on technical resources.

As a result, security service providers can immediately meet their clients’ bespoke reporting requirements with minimal overhead to shorten engagement cycles while increasing the value of pentest and offensive security reports to enhance client satisfaction and retention. At the same time, enterprises seeking to perform offensive security assessments as part of an internal continuous validation program can immediately automate pentest reporting “out of the box” by starting with a template while rapidly building custom reports that present findings in relevant business context in minutes via point and click customization.

“PlexTrac’s new low code reporting capabilities allow us to deliver customization at scale — allowing us to provide a unique deliverable for each client without having to incur the overhead associated with custom-coding,” said Evan Pena, Managing Director of Professional Services at Google Cloud (Mandiant). “This light configurability is directly tied to our vision of allowing our clients to benefit from the economies of scale that we can deliver while being able to present findings and results in the context of each client’s unique business needs.”

New Report Export Template Library Jumpstarts Offensive Security Reporting

A new suite of report export templates has been created to address common offensive reporting use cases so customers can begin to present findings with speed and quality out of the box. Each report template contains step-by-step instructions and expandable sections so customers can see all variable options on one page to compare outputs from different design options. Design options are available within the template and further customization is accessible via Style Guides and Configurable Layouts within the PlexTrac application, allowing customers to begin with a template and modify it. The Template Library is easily accessible from within the product documentation.

Style Guides Allow Rapid Template Design Modification Without Code

Style Guides make it easy to adopt brand standards or modify the presentation of information by setting controls within PlexTrac to override the template with stylization options for tables, images, code blocks, and hyperlinks. Style Guides makes report modification accessible to novice users in a scalable way, allowing offensive security teams to delegate style modifications to less technical personnel, freeing more technical team members such as pentesters to focus time on the actual content of the report and minimizing the opportunity cost of hard-coded template modification.

Present Only What Matters with Configurable Finding Layouts

PlexTrac now provides the ability to move or remove default and custom fields within the findings layout and allows standard fields to be set to required or optional. Configurable Layouts accelerate report authoring by allowing users to modify findings layouts on the fly so that only fields that need to be completed are included in the report. This is extremely beneficial in helping to assimilate new team members since it eliminates the need to skip fields that aren’t relevant. Finally, for service providers seeking to drive the ideal experience for clients, Configurable Layouts extend all the way to PlexTrac’s client portal, enabling clients to only see the finding fields that are relevant to them.

“We are extremely pleased to deliver these new capabilities that simplify offensive security reporting for enterprises and service providers alike,” said Dan DeCloss, Founder and CTO at PlexTrac. “It demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our customers get to automate reporting on proactive security efforts on day one. The new low code reporting features amplify the already significant return on investment customers realize from PlexTrac by allowing them to heavily customize reports without having to modify the underlying code beneath the report templates.”

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