PlexTrac as a Business Value Add

MSSPs offer invaluable service in the increasingly complex world of cybersecurity. PlexTrac is the perfect complement to the MSSP tech stack, offering everything the MSSP needs to efficiently manage the workflow of reporting and collaboration with their team and with their clients. And the PlexTrac MSSP Partner Program makes it easy to gain the immense value of the PlexTrac platform.


The PlexTrac Solution for Your Challenges

MSSPs need a reporting and collaboration platform that supports their unique structures and brands. PlexTrac offers customized report templates that integrate your existing methodology and style, ability to white label reports and the user interface, and customer access to the UI with role-based access control to customize permissions.


Flexible Pricing Model

With enterprise or “pay-as-you-go” licensing options available, PlexTrac offers the flexibility MSSPs need to succeed with their clients. Pay an annual fee for all the platform capabilities or pay per client engagement or report. PlexTrac will only grow when our partners grow with us.


Enterprise Level Service for all MSSP Partners

PlexTrac will surround your team with the resources needed to succeed quickly. This includes access to a dedicated account manager with industry expertise, an experienced implementation specialist, and the PlexTrac customer success team who will ensure MSSPs are getting full value of the platform. We believe our partners should never wait for support, so shoot us an email and expect a quick response.


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