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The Top 5 Collaboration Features in PlexTrac

Everything You Need to Get Your Team Working as a Team 

Cybersecurity work simply cannot get done these days without a team. Whether that’s an internal team of cybersecurity professionals, outsourcing to a team of consultants or a service provider, or just an individual rallying all IT personnel (and every employee) to assist with security protocols, you just can’t go at it alone in the current world of pervasive threats. 

The good news is no matter the makeup and size of your team, you don’t have to! PlexTrac is built for collaboration and will help you maximize every resource and every minute of time. 

Check out the platform helping cybersecurity teams and service providers become more efficient, effective, and proactive.

Collaboration Equals Quality and Coverage

Every organization is doing something about their cybersecurity these days. But just doing something isn’t enough. Organizations need to be protecting the right things and that means ensuring strategic coverage of their attack surfaces and quality offensive and defensive activities that do more than tick boxes. Whether you are an internal team trying to coordinate between departments and leadership or a consultant working with clients, collaboration is the key to attaining BOTH quality and coverage. 

PlexTrac boasts features that help both internal teams and consultants provide better, more actionable reports, streamline communication, organize their data, begin purple teaming, and track remediation. Here are five of our best features for collaboration:

1. Content Library and Multiple Repositories: Manage Content for Every Team or Client

PlexTrac is second to none for managing content needed for communicating with all stakeholders. Our Content Library allows you to store, edit, collaborate on, protect, and access all your reusable content from finding writeups to narratives to test plans. 

Our Repositories feature in the Writeups Database, Narratives Database, and Runbooks Database helps you organize content into different collections specific to the needs of each team or practice in your consultancy, for example. Repositories allow for many teams to have their own working space, complete with all of the content and permissions relevant to that practice.

With permission-based access, everyone can easily access the reusable content that is shared with them, without the added steps of copy and pasting from Word or Excel. Repositories let you organize and manage content so you can harness your organization’s shared knowledge for consistency and quality for every team and team member regardless of their experience or communication skills.

2. Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows: Build Better Reports

Quality Assurance (QA) Workflows enables editing, commenting, and proofreading — or QA — on all reports inside the platform. Ensure every writeup and narrative is edited to perfection and that everyone who needs to review can provide their feedback with ease right in the platform.

PlexTrac’s editing capabilities support detailed and simultaneous collaboration and communication. Multiple people can comment at the same time with visibility into who is working where so you aren’t overriding one another’s work. Highlight individual words or sections for specific, clear commenting. With QA Workflows, your team can collaborate on report drafting to ensure top quality and consistency — directly in the platform!

3. Runbooks Module: Start Purple Teaming Collaboration

PlexTrac’s Runbooks module helps teams of all sizes implement the new standard for collaboration among offensive and defensive security teams — purple teaming.  Using Runbooks to plan, set up, run, and track remediation on testing activities allows your team to focus testing resources where you have gaps in understanding, standardize your methodologies to ensure consistency, and script your activities to support junior testers. 

You can leverage existing frameworks using our integrations with MITRE Engenuity, SCYTHE, and BlindSPOT — or create your own. Your team may copy or duplicate PlexTrac’s ready-made content and tailor it to your team’s individual needs. Plextrac-curated content supports versioning for the latest release of MITRE/Atomic Red procedures.

Ensure complete coverage of the attack surface. Track each step of execution by both red and blue teams with time-stamped activity logs that facilitate collaborative debriefs. Effortlessly collect evidence such as screenshots and logs. Every member of an engagement can see and learn from every other member. 

4. Client Portal: Communicate More Directly

Another collaboration feature that sets PlexTrac apart is particularly useful for consultants and service providers to give their clients permission-controlled access to their data in real time. Go beyond document-based reports by offering your clients PlexTrac’s web-based client portal through which they can review findings and collaborate on remediation. And use the client portal to deliver your static reports securely keeping all communication and collaboration in PlexTrac.

Our dashboard experience is designed to drive remediation efficiency by providing your clients an immediate snapshot of everything assigned to them upon logging in. All findings, reports, and assessments display within actionable widgets. View, update, and close findings directly from the dashboard view.

For internal teams, you can use the client portal to give controlled access to different individuals or teams in the organization that have a hand in remediation but may not be directly involved with the offensive testing. 

The client portal supports more immediate, actionable opportunities for collaboration so testing results don’t just waste away in static reports.

5. Ticketing Integrations: Track Issues through to Remediation

The PlexTrac platform is designed to streamline all parts of the security workflow so that organizations can make measurable progress in improving their security posture. This means that we not only help offensive teams better manage and communicate their data but also help defensive teams prioritize and act on that information. 

One of the features that promotes optimal collaboration on remediation processes is PlexTrac’s integrations with popular ticketing systems. The platform has built in ticketing capabilities, but for many teams, using the processes and programs they are used to while also gaining the benefits of the PlexTrac platform is the best of both worlds.

PlexTrac offers API level integrations with both Jira and ServiceNow. The Jira integration is a two-way sync so you may easily create tickets for remediation and automatically update PlexTrac when Jira statuses change. Custom mapping is available at the project level with bidirectional, one-way, or one time syncing. PlexTrac’s integration with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management tool is simple to set up and easy to use to share information back and forth between PlexTrac and ServiceNow. 

Use these integrations to work more efficiently across your teams to reduce friction and time to remediation.

PlexTrac Ensures Effectiveness and Efficiency 

PlexTrac is the premier cybersecurity reporting and collaboration platform. Thoughtful and intuitive features built in will optimize your team’s workflows and transform the way you collaborate and communicate with every stakeholder. 

Request a platform demo to see these collaboration features in action and learn how PlexTrac can boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your team. 

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