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Ready to Better Harness Tenable Data to Drive More Secure Outcomes?

PlexTrac officially joins the Tenable Technology Partner Program

We’re excited to announce that PlexTrac is now officially part of the Tenable Technology Partner Program. As an official partner to Tenable’s complementary technology, we will be able to provide a more advanced integration experience with added functionality such as scheduled auto-pulls of findings, the ability to configure multiple client-specific integrations, data mapping for each Tenable connection, and more. 

What does this mean for you? 

If you’re both a PlexTrac and Tenable customer, you will be able to maximize your investments with a more comprehensive integration that auto-pulls Tenable findings into the PlexTrac platform hourly, enabling you to see all of your offensive assessment and pentesting data in one place. By aggregating your Tenable data, along with data from your additional scan tools (pulled in using our wide array of integrations), you can add risk-based capabilities onto your data, enabling you to contextually prioritize risk and take a more proactive approach to your offensive security. 

Let’s dive into some of the most exciting aspects of our enhanced Tenable integrations with Tenable Vulnerability Management and Tenable Security Center. 

MSSPs: Add Unique Risk-Insights to Your Clients’ Tenable Implementations

If you work for an MSSP, you can now drive further value for your existing Tenable clients and incentivize prospective clients to choose your services over other providers by having the ability to configure multiple Tenable licenses and integration mappings at the client level. This maximizes your client’s existing investments in Tenable by enabling them to aggregate their Tenable data with their pentest and other scan data, add a more comprehensive layer of vulnerability management and risk-based prioritization, and consume all their data right from the PlexTrac Client Portal.

Pull in Active Exploits for Risk-Based Prioritization

With our enhanced integration, you can now pull in exploit data. This means that if there are active exploits affecting your Tenable findings, you can map this data into PlexTrac and tag the affected findings to be immediately actioned and contextually scored as a top priority for remediation prioritization.

Our robust integration mapping lets you configure your Tenable mappings to meet your or your clients’ specific needs and workflows.

Interested in learning more about maximizing your Tenable and PlexTrac investments? Check out our on-demand mini demo.

Not yet a PlexTrac customer? 

If you’re a Tenable customer but not yet a PlexTrac customer, you’re missing out. Request a custom-tailored demo to see how you can improve your offensive security workflows by combining the power of Tenable and PlexTrac. 

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