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Manage Your Cybersecurity Testing with PlexTrac Runbooks

Plan, Execute, Report, and Track in One Centralized Platform

PlexTrac is the premier platform for penetration test reporting, but did you know that PlexTrac is also the must have platform for purple teaming collaboration? PlexTrac’s Runbooks module is a best-in-class test plan execution tool allowing teams of all sizes to conduct purple teaming exercises to improve security posture. 

Our Runbooks module is now better than ever with features that support planning engagements, collaboratively executing on them, reporting out results to all stakeholders, and tracking findings through to remediation. Runbooks makes purple teaming and continuous assessment actionable for teams of all sizes and resources. 

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Standardize Your Internal Engagements

There are many industry standards and excellent resources available, like those from MITRE and Atomic Red Team, to help guide internal testing efforts. However, making these frameworks and test procedures actionable in your environment can be a heavy lift. Additionally, iterating on them over time as you refine them and make progress requires significant administrative effort. PlexTrac Runbooks takes the pain out of planning engagements, cataloging plans, and bringing order to the data.

Runbooks offers content management with multiple repositories for storing and easily accessing your reusable content, including test procedures, tactics, techniques, and methodologies. Get started with a PlexTrac test plan template that incorporates industry standards and MITRE or Atomic Red Team procedures with built in versioning and support. Fully customize test plans with ease to suit your needs using a handy test plan wizard feature. 

Using Runbooks dramatically reduces prep time, so you can spend more time actually performing the testing. With Runbooks your team can plan and execute engagements more consistently and frequently and according to proven industry standards.

Conduct Your Purple Teaming Collaboration

Purple teaming is the way of the future for cybersecurity programs, but effectively supporting collaboration between red and blue team members is still a major challenge. Runbooks improves visibility for all teams by tracking and reporting every step of a testing engagement through to remediation. 

Runbooks allows red and blue team members visibility into the engagement before, during, and after — effectively providing a real-time collaboration environment. All participants can record or view what has been done and add collected evidence, notes, or explanation. Time stamps provide additional data points. The flexibility to record what’s happening and adapt as a test is being conducted with visibility for all supports meaningful collaboration that increases the value of the exercise for every stakeholder.  

Purple teaming is possible for any team with Runbooks to guide the planning and support real-time collaboration. 

Maximize Your Testing Results

Getting an accurate grasp on your security posture is hard. Testing, whether outsourced or internal, is expensive and laborious for all involved. And while you can never have too much data about your security status, you can also drown in data from testing activities. PlexTrac Runbooks helps manage the mountains of information from testing engagements that must be triaged, explained, and documented so teams can prioritize remediation and support continuous assessment efforts. 

Runbooks offers a solution to managing the information produced in testing with storage and easy access to supporting documentation and artifacts that can be associated with findings. When you use Runbooks to manage an engagement, you have all the data in one place with permission-based access for all stakeholders. Reporting is nearly instantaneous when evidence is collected in progress and a library of reusable content is available with a click. Additionally, Runbooks allows for progress tracking throughout an engagement and through remediation and retesting. Use PlexTrac’s built in ticketing system or our integrations with Jira and ServiceNow. 

Proactive assessment is only as helpful as the use a team can make of it. Runbooks helps teams streamline the whole testing process and maximize the results. Target, test, remediate, and retest efficiently using Runbooks to guide and manage the process from start to finish. 

A Single Source of Truth for Test Plan Execution

PlexTrac Runbooks facilitates efficient, effective collaborative testing from planning to execution, reporting to remediation, retesting to validation. Combined with PlexTrac’s reporting, analytics, content management, and tracking functionality, Runbooks can help level up every member of any security team. It is truly a force multiplier. 

Whether you are familiar with Runbooks already or just learning about PlexTrac, we’d love to show off its new, robust features in a personalized demo

We are excited about the newest updates to Runbooks. We’ve been actively using the latest version and have really positive feedback from the testers. Hats off to the PlexTrac team for really listening to their customers’ needs and actively addressing them to make the product better.”

— Alex Boyle Senior Manager, Offensive Security

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