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Don't Trade Speed for Quality in Your Pentest Reporting

Boost Revenue with Pentest Reporting Automation: Calculate Your ROI

Manual pentest reporting can be inconsistent and error prone in addition to tedious and time-consuming. Build better reports faster with a pentest reporting automation solution.

Fast Track Your Pentest Reporting Journey

By leveraging automation, you can generate comprehensive reports in a fractionof the time it would take manually. Introducing PlexTrac: your express route tofaster pentest reports, all without compromising quality or consistency.

Meet PlexTrac  |  As a leading automated pentest reporting platform, PlexTrac offers:




Customizability at
Your Fingertips

Let’s now delve into the step-by-step process of using PlexTracto create a high-quality pentest report in as little as 5 minutes.

Your Roadmap to 5-Minute Pentest Reporting in PlexTrac


Create a New Penetration Test Report

Assign a report template, set start andend dates, and fill in custom fieldsusing short codes.


Construct Attack Narrative

Utilize the Content Library for pre-built narratives, and add an attack narrative section using short codes.


Add Findings and Evidence

Edit findings, assign criticality, include evidence manually or from common tools, and incorporate context and assets for comprehensive insights.


Collaborate and Review

Easily engage others in a peer review, collaborate on findings’ status and delivery, and efficiently review and sort findings.


Generate the Final Deliverable

Choose from stock templates or customized options, and review the report structureand sections, or share results dynamically via the Client Portal.

Plus, Plenty of Additional Features

PlexTrac seamlessly ingests data from common tools, and includes an actionable dashboard and analytics for a holistic overview of findings, assets, and status — enhancing visibility and control.

The Need for Speed and Efficiency

Create a report in
5 minutes or less

Cut the reporting
cycle by 70%

Boost efficiency
by 30%

Let PlexTrac Handle the Report, While You Focus on Hacking

With PlexTrac, the once-dreaded task of report generation becomes a streamlined, efficient process producing more consistent and effective deliverables. See PlexTrac in action for your unique use case.

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Don’t Trade Quality for Speed in Your Pentest Reporting

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PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams of any size in the battle against attackers.

See the platform in action for your environment and use case.