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Boost Revenue with Pentest Reporting Automation: Calculate Your ROI

Are you looking to invest in a pentest reporting solution? Worried about the costs involved and the potential return on investment (ROI)? Discover how automation can help you tackle your concerns head-on and unlock opportunities for your organization.

Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities

Pentest reporting automation empowers you to unlock the following key benefits:

Slash reporting time by 50%

Maximize testing capacity

Provide actionable insights

Increase service margins up to 5X ROI in a year

Boost team morale and retain clients

Offer new proactive security services

Now, let’s quantify the potential impact with an ROI scenario.
How much could your organization save?

Crunching the Numbers: An ROI Scenario

Here’s an illustration of how you can estimate your potential resource savings and revenue gains through pentest reporting automation with this scenario:

pentesters in the team

annual pentests completed per pentester

hours spent on report creation

Average pentester salary of

Engagement charge per pentest of

Double Your Revenue with Time-Saving Automation

Imagine doubling your revenue potential by cutting report creation time in half with the leading pentest reporting automation platform. See the tangible difference PlexTrac can make in the comparison below.


Without PlexTrac

With PlexTrac

Est # of Total
Pentests Per year



Hours Per Report



Total Hours Spent on Report Creation






Labor Cost






Gross Margin %



Why PlexTrac?

With PlexTrac, your pentesting team doesn’t have to choose between quality and speed. Generate high-quality reports with your branding in half the time, boosting efficiency and client satisfaction.

“Overall, we’ve seen at least a 50 percent time saving on our reporting processes.”

— JT Galetto, Chief Security Officer, Digital Silence

Gain key insights on making a winning business case from our guide

Selling Your Boss on Pentest Reporting Automation.

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