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Get Ready to Prioritize Risk With Our New Contextual Scoring Engine

Introducing PlexTrac Priorities for proactive risk quantification

What if you could go beyond pentest reporting and management with a platform that enables you to streamline your offensive security workflows from start to finish? With PlexTrac, you can

Our new module, PlexTrac Priorities, is the industry’s first configurable contextual scoring engine that empowers security service providers and enterprises to:

  • Prioritize risks based on real impact — Ditch generic scoring and tailor it to your unique risk tolerance or industry-specific needs.
  • Automate workflows — Streamline processes from assessment to remediation for maximum efficiency.
  • Identify underlying issues — Unearth patterns in your data to prevent future vulnerabilities from recurring.
  • Demonstrate value from your continuous validation efforts — Prove the effectiveness of your security program with continuous risk reduction.

Unlike other solutions that offer limited configurability, PlexTrac Priorities provides unparalleled visibility into risk factors, enabling teams to make informed decisions and prioritize remediation efforts effectively. 

Having the ability to prioritize remediation efforts is a game changer. Even with limited resources, your team or your clients’ teams, can tackle the most impactful risks first — significantly improving risk posture.

See PlexTrac Priorities in action 

In this demo video, Dan DeCloss, PlexTrac founder and CTO, runs through the Priorities Module, showing you just how easy it is to group and prioritize findings, measure risk, and demonstrate the value to key stakeholders.

Join the list of customers already benefiting from Priorities 

Early adopters of Priorities have been recognizing results and they’re looking forward to the move to continuous assessments and validation. As David Schloss, Director of Offensive Security, Echelon Risk + Cyber, explained, “PlexTrac’s new risk-based prioritization capabilities will help us shift from point-in-time testing to more continual engagements — enabling us to provide deeper value to each client by customizing a contextual risk scoring equation that clearly communicates their highest impact risks on an ongoing basis.” 

To hear from Echelon Risk + Cyber —  as well as PlexTrac security experts — on the benefits of Priorities, watch our Webinars page for an upcoming live event. 

Ready to demo priorities? 

Get a custom-tailored walkthrough of Priorities by requesting a demo or jump right to the pricing page for a quote. 

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