Conquer Q4 as a Security Consultant

PlexTrac Is the Workflow Management Solution for Security Consultancies, MSSPs, and Service Providers

What if you could have your life back around the holidays? What if you could take control of the end of the year by improving your workflow and providing better deliverables to your clients in less time?

With PlexTrac as your workflow management and security reporting platform, you can! Follow us during the month of September while we focus on the unique needs, use cases, and challenges of security consultancies of all sizes, MSSPs, those in the GRC space, and other security service providers. 

We’ll share strategies, tips of the trade from experts in the field, and introduce you to the must-have security management workflow platform for consultancies — PlexTrac. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to check out all our consultancy focused content this month. 

Not convinced? Here’s a preview of some of the pain points and time drains common to security service providers and the solutions we’ll be diving into in the next month. If these resonate with you, stay tuned for more.

Inefficient Data Management

Regardless of the relationship between the consultancy and the client — long term management or short term engagement — efficient data collection, analysis, and management is likely to be a continuous area for focus and improvement. 

With PlexTrac, you can import all of your network and application scanning tools into one place and manipulate and analyze those results to form the basis of findings and writeups on those findings. Bring all your tools together in PlexTrac for better, quicker aggregation and visualization.

One-Off Writeups

Let’s face it, reporting is the major chore that makes finishing off the year and client commitments a real drag. Efficient reporting starts with modularizing writeups of common findings so that you aren’t starting from scratch or wasting time searching for baseline notes in products not really designed for your needs. 

Quit wasting time triaging scanner results, searching through Word docs for something close to what you need, and then copying and pasting everything into a template — that will still need to be tended before it’s ready to go. PlexTrac provides a customizable database of reusable writeups, which can be quickly and easily searched, modified to the situation, and added to a report all in one platform.

Messing with Report Templates

Reporting can be a time suck at every point in the process, particularly at the point of delivery when more than just the results of your work matters. You also have to consider the clients preferences and best practices for communicating your methodology and representing your organization’s identity. That’s a tall order for any template and makes the last step in reporting an unnecessary lift. 

PlexTrac allows you to take all the work you’ve done in analyzing your data, preparing your writeups, adding evidence and export the report to completely custom .docx templates. Streamline the whole of the reporting process into one platform and still represent your methodology and retain your organizational branding in the final deliverable with a click of a button.

Bogged Down Assessment Administration

For those in the governance, risk, and compliance space, your priorities may look a little different, but data management and reporting still tend to be areas that lack efficiency. PlexTrac’s Assessment Module is a perfect tool for customizing questionnaires the results of which can be collected, combined with evidence, and placed into customized reports all in one convenient platform.

If you are interested in streamlining your assessment administration, evidence collection, and reporting processes AND improving communication for all involved in the assessment process, PlexTrac is the platform for you.

We’ll talk about all these issues and more as we deep dive into ways to improve workflow management for security consultancies. It’s time to conquer Q4 with PlexTrac. Book a demo today!

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