Give Your Security Team the Gift of PlexTrac

The Perfect Gift for Your InfoSec Coworkers

It’s finally the holiday season! While this year’s festivities will no doubt look different than they usually do, some things will never change. Large catalogs of Christmas music will be played (personally, Michael Buble’s album is my favorite), Home Alone, Elf, and The Grinch will be on repeat on most television networks, and yes, the fruitcake you bought for your holiday feast will remain uneaten.

And how could I forget gifts? As a holiday staple, gift giving will not be going anywhere, even if the gifts are mailed and then unwrapped on awkward Zoom meetings. With this, the hard decisions for gift-givers remain: What do I get for the people I care most about?

The easiest gift-giving decision you can make as an InfoSec practitioner this holiday season is giving your security team the gift of PlexTrac. In this blog post, we’ll be explaining why PlexTrac is such a no-brainer for every security team, no matter how big or small.

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Deliver Better Security Reports in Half the Time

While we may sound like Scrooge here, we are confident in the fact that everyone hates writing security reports.

But hate no longer! Reports for PlexTrac removes the drudgery from security reporting so you can write better reports in half the time. This time saved will ensure that your team can focus less on tediously copying and pasting information into Word Docs and more time focusing on what’s really important: Getting the real security work done.

It’s not only time savings you get with PlexTrac though. You also get the most powerful reporting platform on the market. PlexTrac allows you to include detailed findings in your reports with artifacts like code samples, screenshots, and even video clips. Additionally, asset attribution and customizable tags allow total flexibility in categorizing your findings.

Overall, the boost PlexTrac will give your security team when it comes to delivering reports that are created both faster and better is sure to be a winner for Red Teamers.

Monitor Your Security Posture in Real Time

Beyond reporting, PlexTrac is a great gift for the blue teamers on your security team with its powerful Analytics module.

Data is vital for the blue team. Analytics for PlexTrac prides itself on being a module that provides both visualization and attestation to the data you provide, allowing you to easily view your security posture in real time. Your security team will no longer have to work with inconsistencies and prioritize remediation based on hunches. Instead, your team can make enlightened decisions about where to allocate resources based on fact and not fiction.

Additionally, PlexTrac’s customized risk register ensures that you can track your signal through the noise. The data you wish to locate in PlexTrac can be as granular as you desire with the filtering feature. This means that whether you’re looking to show a macro-view of your security posture to an executive stakeholder or looking to locate unpatched systems in a small enclave, you’ll always be able to find the data you need.

With time and budget being limited on even the largest security teams, PlexTrac ensures your InfoSec resources are being applied where they’re needed most.

Facilitate Effective Collaboration Between Your Team Members

While the reporting and analytics aspects of PlexTrac are HUGE deals, the collaboration and purple teaming aspect will be an equally exciting gift for your team. Runbooks for PlexTrac, the platform’s newest module, can facilitate purple teaming engagements and collaboration on your team with three words: Plan, execute, and report.

Plan and script your engagements to help standardize your security processes and support junior practitioners. Runbooks for PlexTrac provides the active database of procedures your team needs in order to execute exercises or deal with an active threat with checklist precision. You can achieve full coverage of the attack surface if you have the integrated, accessible catalog of vulnerabilities and remediations that Runbooks can help you create.

Execute on this plan with checklist precision through real-time collaboration features for both red and blue teams. Easily produce time stamped activity logs that facilitate collaborative debriefs. Knowing who did what and when will help the team learn more from exercises and add helpful plays for future engagements. Runbooks can help both teams become more and more effective by giving everyone the complete picture of an event. 

And lastly, provide attestation with Runbooks by producing evidence-backed reports. Runbooks makes gathering evidence like screenshots and logs effortless. Capture key information and save it in the system in the moment, then you’ll have what you need to debrief after an event or prepare formal reports.

The beauty of Runbooks is that it allows you to see an engagement through from beginning to end, taking the guesswork out of your security efforts.

Non-Traditional Gift for the Win

While PlexTrac doesn’t fit under the tree, technically speaking, there’s no denying the many benefits that your security team will enjoy with PlexTrac in their hands. Who really needs another fruit basket or corporate branded keepsake for their desks? 

I’m not saying that your young children would love to carry out a purple teaming engagement on our platform (I’d personally stick to Star Wars toys for them). However, your security team will thank you sooner than later for providing them with the gift of PlexTrac this holiday season.

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