Connect All Your Tools with Scanner and Workflow Integrations

PlexTrac Can Do That

We all have our hands full trying to manage the complexities of security—meeting regulations, handling human factors, and, ultimately, protecting the crown jewels. Between building, buying, and outsourcing solutions to the myriad of issues that must be tracked, mitigated, and remediated, the work is never done. The key is figuring out how to manage it all with the limited personnel and resources that we all face.

Managing the cybersecurity work is much easier when all the tools play nicely together. Open-source solutions have diminishing returns when you can’t get them to work with your paid platforms and SaaS providers. How many programs can you and your team manage manually without losing efficiency?

What teams need to be effective and efficient (which go hand in hand in successfully mitigating risk) is a solution that streamlines multiple tasks and integrates with all the scanners and workflow management tools.

Import Data from Your Automated Sources

First and foremost, cybersecurity teams need to make sense of their automated data. Scanners are critical but having a constant stream of data isn’t the end game. You have to be able to process the data, identify irregularities, track and remediate, and, of course, report on it all. Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically import all the data from all the tools into a single place to triage everything? PlexTrac can do that …

PlexTrac supports data imports from all leading vulnerability scanners, including Nessus, Burp Suite, Nexpose, and Veracode. Imported findings may be mapped to standard write-ups and automatically populated in reports.

Integrate Your Internal Tools

What if you have custom solutions that meet your organization’s specific needs? These can be amazing assets to your security program, but seldom are custom built solutions able to address every aspect of vulnerability testing, tracking, and remediation, not to mention workflow management. Additional platforms are only as helpful as their ability to integrate. PlexTrac can do that …

Plug and play additional tools by building integrations using PlexTrac’s open API. PlexTrac is the perfect platform to aggregate all your security-related data into powerful reports and analytics.

Synchronize with Jira and ServiceNow

Successful cybersecurity programs can’t focus on only their priorities; rather, they must consider the goals and needs of the whole enterprise. To this end, the ability to manage and integrate ticketing and workflow programs useful to more than just the security specialists is critical to efficiency in accomplishing the big picture goals and the daily patches that help get there. PlexTrac can do that …

Coordinate workflows with the rest of your organization by integrating your ticketing system with PlexTrac. Create tickets from findings that synchronize comments and updates with PlexTrac.

PlexTrac Can Do That

The Scanner Integrations module is the icing on the cake of PlexTrac functionalities helping cybersecurity teams get the real work done. To learn more about how PlexTrac can streamline cybersecurity operations for programs of any size, drop us a line and we’ll send you a quick reference guide outlining all the available PlexTrac features. 

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