Effectively Manage Your Assets to Protect the Crown Jewels

PlexTrac Can Do That

The pandemic has changed the way cybersecurity works gets done. Organizational assets are far less under the eye of IT departments than ever before as VPNs and IoT devices are dispersed to support a remote workforce. Now more than ever, you need a way to track and manage assets, to identify the source of vulnerabilities, and to gain a granular view of security posture.

The threats are pervasive, and there will never be enough resources to cover every attack vector. Blue Teams need a clear view of all the pieces of the puzzle to put together a security program that prioritizes protection of the critical data.

Measure What Matters

Effectiveness in securing the crown jewels comes in pinpointing the vulnerabilities so you can remediate the right things. With so many assets to protect, it can be difficult to determine where to direct time and energy. Identifying problems according to the asset affected allows for swift and appropriate response. PlexTrac can do that … 

With PlexTrac, affected assets may be added to any finding in a report, allowing you to communicate the specific location of vulnerabilities in an environment. Persistent assets can be created manually or automatically each time you import a scan result. Raw scan data is populated for each asset in the context of the vulnerability.

Track Issues at the Asset Level

Looking at the vulnerabilities of an individual asset allows for precision remediation. What if you could also track all assets in a single view? The advantage would be speed in identifying not only pervasive problems across devices but also vulnerability patterns. The ability to see all assets and manage their defense could help bring control to the chaos of asset management. PlexTrac can do that …

By consolidating vulnerabilities from all reports for each asset in a client’s environment, PlexTrac is the perfect platform for facilitating rapid remediation efforts. Track each individual vulnerability from detection to fix for all your assets, including networks, servers, PCs, APIs, apps, and IoT devices.

Monitor Posture and Progress

Managing an organization’s assets, particularly the physical ones under the control of employees, is one the greatest challenges of cybersecurity professionals. Not only do you have to deal with the vulnerabilities of the devices themselves, you also have to deal with the vulnerabilities of the users.

The more data available to build a complete picture of each asset’s use and the more ways to work with that data to create that picture will improve the overall view of security posture exponentially. You need a clear picture of assets to provide demonstrable evidence of the success of remediation efforts. PlexTrac can do that …

Get a real-time picture of your affected assets with PlexTrac’s analytics module. Data visualizations at the asset level provide powerful insight into the posture and progress of your most important assets.

In Conclusion

Asset management is just one of the functionalities of PlexTrac that is changing the way cybersecurity professionals get the real work done.

To learn more about how PlexTrac can streamline cybersecurity operations for programs of any size, drop us a line and we’ll send you a quick reference guide outlining all the available PlexTrac features.

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