Create Visualizations and Track Attestation with Analytics that Work for You

PlexTrac Can Do That

Data is everything to a Blue Team. The data drives priorities, not just for the security professionals but also for the C-suite making cybersecurity budget and strategy decisions. But data alone isn’t going to protect the crown jewels or even determine strategy for doing so.

Blue Teams need analytics to make informed decisions about where to allocate resources and to identify the most pressing threats. The more data, the better, but aggregating all that data into meaningful analytics and then being able to access the analytics that matter at any given time is the real challenge.

Monitor Security Posture in Real Time

One of the main goals of an effective security team is creating a strong security posture that aligns with the organization’s priorities. But to have a strong security posture, you have to be able to see and adjust your posture, it doesn’t just happen automatically.

Analytics are the key to understanding where the vulnerabilities lie and if defenses are working as they should. But analytics are only as helpful as they are immediate and easy to see. Blue Teamers need a way to visualize the analytics so they can understand their posture at any given moment. PlexTrac can do that…

PlexTrac’s analytics module aggregates findings into visualizations that are powerful yet easy to understand. At a glance, you can see your security posture in real time to make enlightened decisions about where to allocate resources.

Prioritize Your Efforts

Chances are with all the finding constantly coming in from a robust program of vulnerability scans, security audits, analysis of activity logs, etc., the Blue Team will have to make choices. Having a real time view of security posture doesn’t mean that you can deal with every vulnerability simultaneously … if at all.

The goal is to continuously increase visibility of security posture, use that view to prioritize risk, and then improve the speed of remediation. Since your team is unlikely to ever have the money or personnel to stay on top of every potential risk all the time, you have to focus on what matters most.

Having the data is critical but being able to view the analytics in ways that support prioritization of limited time and money is essential. PlexTrac can do that…

PlexTrac helps you ensure your scarce infosec resources are being applied where needed most. Track average time to remediation based on the severity of risk. Ensure that the team is focused on securing the crown jewels and meeting risk-based performance benchmarks.

Your Signal Through the Noise

Every organization’s needs are different. Even within an organization, priorities and objectives vary. The hope is that everyone is doing their part to implement a cohesive strategy, but to do that everyone needs to see the information pertinent to their role.

You need to track signal through the noise of big data and mountains of analytics. Blue Teams need a customized risk register for their organization and the ability to parse the data for the needs of every stakeholder. PlexTrac can do that…

Whether you want the macro-view to communicate with executive stakeholders or a list of unpatched systems in a small enclave, PlexTrac’s robust filtering makes it effortless to find what you need. Aggregate data from multiple Client units to provide side-by-side comparisons or narrow your results by selecting specific tags at the client, report, and asset levels.

PlexTrac Can Do That

PlexTrac’s Analytics Module is an essential tool for Blue Teams, but it isn’t the only feature that can transform how your organization gets the real cybersecurity work done. To learn more about how PlexTrac can streamline cybersecurity operations for programs of any size, navigate here to get a quick reference guide outlining all the available PlexTrac features.

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