Custom Templates: Deliver Security Reports with Your Look and Feel

PlexTrac Can Do That

Reporting, reporting, reporting! It can sometimes feel like it’s all you really do … or at least what you should be doing. If you know anything about PlexTrac, then you probably already know how it can significantly reduce the work of reporting in compiling findings from scanners, including visual evidence, and inserting consistent summaries.

But even all that streamlining isn’t the whole story. Real stars deliver reports in branded formats that their supervisors and clients can access and use. You don’t want to be trapped in your reporting tool with something that works for you but not for your marketing department or clients.

What Red Teams need is an effective reporting tool AND the ability to make reports their own with custom templates.

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Make It Your Own

Chances are you’ve been at this reporting thing awhile. You probably work for an organization with some feelings about how you display and deliver your findings—even if they don’t really know much about how you came up with those findings.

Managers and marketing departments have likely impressed upon you the importance of branding and using formats that they can work with. You probably have some snazzy templates that get the job done and keep the brand police off your back.

Your priority is to get the work done, not how you deliver it, so why reinvent the wheel? What Red Teamers need is all the benefits, automations, and integrations of a superior reporting platform that can seamlessly translate to the report forms they’ve already perfected. PlexTrac can do that …

What do your final reports look like from PlexTrac? Just like they look today. PlexTrac uses Jinja2 scripting language to translate from the platform to your report. And our customer success engineers help you add the script directly to your existing .docx template to populate your PlexTrac data into your existing style and methodology so that you can export to your custom branded .docx with a single click.

Automate Metrics and Sorting

In addition to translating from a reporting tool to the actual report, wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically populate and organize key data? Being able to automate calculations is yet another convenience that saves valuable time and mental energy. Your reporting needs scripting that gives you the control of the presentation of metrics you want to display. PlexTrac can do that …

With Jinja2, you can automate the tabulation and presentation of metrics from your findings. Automate calculations such as compliance percentage by control maturity level, or simply present total findings by engagement scope. Automatically sort and present your findings in whatever fashion you desire.

Save to Word

Although Microsoft Office programs can be a real pain for building reports, they are still the standard business lives by. They are readily accessible, flexible, and familiar to both cybersecurity professionals, the C-suite, and their clients.

Reporting tools and platforms that only serve the direct user can only take you so far. What’s your real time savings if you have to spend that saved time translating between program and document formats to get something presentable to the client? Imagine a superior reporting tool that exports to your required formats and has a service team to work out any kinks. PlexTrac can do that …

PlexTrac’s templating engine uses intuitive Jinja2 syntax to export reports into custom document formats. If you’re coming from another reporting tool, you will be delighted with the ease of exporting in PlexTrac. Of course, our customer success team is on standby to handle the heavy lifting for you.

PlexTrac Can Do That

The Custom Templates module is the icing on the cake of PlexTrac functionalities helping Red Teams get the real work done. To learn more about how PlexTrac can streamline cybersecurity operations for programs of any size, drop us a line and we’ll send you a quick reference guide outlining all the available PlexTrac features. 

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