The Pain of Managing, Integrating, and Reporting Out Big Data — Solved!

Pain Points Addressed by Runbooks for PlexTrac

Probably the biggest pain point for cybersecurity professionals at all levels is reporting. No one likes reporting. Participating in engagements—yes, patching vulnerabilities—maybe, reporting—definitely not. While reporting is a drag, it’s also one of the most important parts of a robust cybersecurity program. Dealing with the data doesn’t have be so time consuming. With the right tools reporting can become a fluid part of a continuous assessment approach. 

The more a cybersecurity program grows, the more data will be produced, and the more data will have to be managed to keep refining remediation strategy. Big data from ongoing assessment lifecycles is the goal, and it doesn’t have to become a drudgery.

Triage Your Collected Evidence

The solution comes in part in being able to organize the data acquired. Sorting and filtering the evidence collected during an engagement makes that information useful. What otherwise could be overlooked because of its sheer volume can become meaningful if it is triaged.

Runbooks for PlexTrac is the tool that can make managing the evidence from your engagements a breeze. Everything is collected and visible and easily parsed. Bring order to your data and make it work for you by easily collecting it during an active engagement in one place where all team members and view and use it, sort and organize it, analyze and interpret it. 

Submit Your Engagement into an Intuitive Report Format

Once triaged, the data still needs to go somewhere. Key information sitting unexplored and uncommunicated after an engagement is a big problem, but sometimes there is so much to communicate that some of it just gets lost in favor of sharing the highest priority findings. Prioritizing is important but so is capturing and communicating the whole picture of your security posture at a given point in time.

With Runbooks, engagements can be submitted into an intuitive report format that that organizes and structures all your data. Seamlessly transfer all the evidence collected into a useable layout without all the effort.

Enrich and Refine Your Results, Then Export to Your Custom Template

Data collected in the heat of an engagement often still needs to be explained. Screen shots and other evidence captured may need contextualized. The audiences should be considered. And, of course, everything must be presented to key constituents in a format they can view and use. Moving information form program to program, platform to platform can be a major pain and can result in less than beautiful reports or highly abbreviated results.

Using Runbooks for PlexTrac to plan and record your engagements ensures you’ll be able to use your findings fully and efficiently. After enriching and refining results in the module and adding evidence captured in real time during the engagement, you can easily export to your own custom .docx file to deliver usable result to whomever needs them in your branded templates. Integration makes it easy.

… Or simply use PlexTrac as your remediation tracking platform. Skip the exports altogether when you use Runbooks in conjunction with the full PlexTrac Enterprise experience. Your clients can view result generated through Runbooks right in the PlexTrac platform.

Runbooks for PlexTrac supports a team as it moves from standardizing processes through deploying them in active engagements to using all the findings to strengthen security posture. The new module can be an invaluable tool for cybersecurity programs with teams of all sizes and experience levels seeking to become truly robust, dynamic, and agile. 

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