Achieve Consistency in Your Writeups without Copy & Paste

PlexTrac Can Do That

Word does a lot of things well. We all love the accessibility and convenience of the everyman’s word processor. But let’s be honesty, there is simply nothing efficient about Word as a database for writeups.

Single sourcing your writeups for common findings requires a something better than never ending copy and pasting from unwieldy documents. Imagine an integrated system for common findings that is searchable, integrated with your reporting program, and customizable.

Find the Right Writeup

Time is security. There’s never enough time to do the important cybersecurity work. Wasting time searching through old writeups to find a base for the newest remediation recommendations, is not time well spent for a skilled security specialist. What you need is a database made for writeups that is fully searchable. PlexTrac can do that …

With the PlexTrac Writeups module you can search by tag or keyword to find the precise writeup needed to guide remediation. Import writeups into your report with a single click. Modify and enrich the finding to tell the unique story of the engagement.

Catalog Your Writeups in Your Reporting Platform

Writeups make up the meat of reporting. Having the benefit of your writeups plus a library of standard responses to common findings all in one place makes reporting a click and go endeavor. What if you could lose Microsoft Word and store and access your writeups right where you need them in you need them? PlexTrac can do that …  

Use the PlexTrac built-in writeups library in conjunction with those that you generate locally. With PlexTrac, it’s effortless to copy any finding you have authored into your writeups database for future use. With the Writeups DB you can standardize the narrative you provide when observing common vulnerabilities and present consistent, professional guidance.

Replace, Modify or Ignore Scanner Results

Another challenge is dealing with the data produced through your automated processes. They can save a lot of time and yield thorough information but preparing that information for reporting is another simple task that can quickly become busy work. Add putting your organizational and professional expertise to work customizing the scanner results and the time savings of automation starts to diminish. Scanner results should be integrated with writeups to streamline the process from assessment to report. PlexTrac can do that …

With the Writeups Module you can automatically triage scanner-produced findings during import. Replace commoditized scanner narratives with your custom verbiage from the WriteupsDB, modify the default severity or discard low-priority results of your choosing.

In Conclusion

The WriteUps Module is just one of the functionalities of PlexTrac that is changing the way cybersecurity professionals get the real work done. To learn more about how PlexTrac can streamline cybersecurity operations for programs of any size, drop us a line and we’ll send you a quick reference guide outlining all the available PlexTrac features. 

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