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Streamline Pentest Reporting
Without Code 

Latest PlexTrac release accelerates time to value and enables mass customization of reports at scale in minutes

What if you could create high-quality, customized pentest reports without needing to write code? With the latest PlexTrac release, you can. 

We are excited to introduce our new style and configuration features, designed to further streamline the reporting workflow and enable scalable delivery of customized pentest reports without the need for a highly technical resource or a substantial time investment. As an MSSP, you will be able to provide your customers with an improved experience by offering custom-tailor reports that address their unique needs — without compromising speed or quality. Enterprises, these enhancements will enable you to automate pentest reporting out of the box with seamless modifications so that you can easily demonstrate the value of internal pentesting and continuous validation efforts to your key stakeholders in the relevant business context. It’s a win for everyone involved!

The three new features available to you today, include: 

  • Pre-built export templates
  • Customizable style guides 
  • Configurable findings layouts

Pre-built export templates: Spend less time adjusting templates with more out-of-the-box options

Are you ready to hit the ground running? We’ve added several new templates and enhanced the existing ones so that you can easily find a template that satisfies your customers’ or organizations’ current — and future — needs.

Want to make adjustments? No problem! You can easily modify the design in minutes by selecting from a broad selection of built-in options. And like all three of our new features, coding isn’t required. 

To make it easier for you to locate and utilize the templates, we’ve moved to the product documentation site and streamlined the navigation. The new navigation, designed with you in mind, makes it easier to view all of your variable options and compare outputs. We’ve also enhanced the template descriptions to include use cases and configuration options — enabling you to make a quick and informed template selection. 

Customizable style guides: Set a brand style across templates to streamline your reporting workflow

Need to quickly swap out the colors, fonts, etc., to match your customers’ or organizations’ unique brand elements? Our new “style guide” feature allows you to manage your report styling customizations right in PlexTrac. It’s the first step in the process to remove all styling dependency on coding and place the controls directly in-app for ease of use and efficiency. 

With the updated style guide feature, you no longer need to rely on technical resources to manage customizations. This frees up pentesters and more technical resources to focus on the actual content of the report while other members of the team handle customizations like stylization options for tables, images, code blocks, and hyperlinks. 

Once the styles have been selected and adjusted as needed, you can apply your style guides to whichever export templates you need. By setting the style across templates, you can further streamline your reporting workflow at scale, make adjustments on the fly, and meet demands faster than ever before.

Configurable findings layouts: Add, remove, or reorganize findings fields for a custom user view

When it comes to leveraging findings templates to satisfy your workflows and data collection, you need the flexibility to adjust fields based on your customers’ or organization’s needs. So, to streamline report authoring and operator onboarding, we’ve made it possible to add or remove fields — or reorganize fields — as necessary. We’ve also enhanced the view so you can see all standard or custom fields in a single tab, eliminating the need to toggle between views. 

What does this mean for your customers or key stakeholders? They will have a fully customized user experience when they log into the client portal. In other words, they will only see the fields that matter to them — driving higher value. 

Are you ready to empower your team and deliver a better experience to your customer’s or internal stakeholders with our time-saving, no-code features? Whether you’re an existing customer or still considering PlexTrac, we invite you to see the features in action during our live webinar on Thursday, November 2nd at 9:30 am Pacific (12:30 pm Eastern).

If you’d prefer a more personalized walkthrough, we’d be happy to schedule a demo. 

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