Streamline Testing and Reporting.

PlexTrac alleviates the most painful parts of reporting so testers can focus on the important tasks of testing. With PlexTrac, reports automatically include standard write-ups, formatted screenshots, and custom branding.

Rapid Reporting

Generate Reports in Half the Time

Import findings from popular tools or include from PlexTrac’s WriteupsDB to generate custom-branded reports in no time.


Centralize Standard Write-Ups

Eliminate copying and pasting, and maintain consistency across all reports. Choose from hundreds of default write-ups or add new ones.

Custom Report Templates

Set Once and Use Every Time

Provide branded reports without the need to customize formatting every time. Export branded reports to Word and PDF using intuitive Jinja syntax.

Video Exhibits and Screenshots

Include Visual Assets with Ease

Embed screenshots and videos in reports to enable teams to reproduce findings. Eliminate time spent formatting screenshots in Word and PDF exports.

Readout View

Review Findings with Stakeholders

Walk analysts and engineers through findings step-by-step within PlexTrac. Navigate to any section in the report with a single click.

Supported Vulnerability Scanners