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PlexTrac Webinars are designed to show you, the viewer, how to use PlexTrac most effectively. Whether you're a current user, a prospect looking to learn more, or just a fan of the InfoSec community, there is sure to be something compelling for you here.​


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Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

Tools are an important part of a cybersecurity team’s job… But making sure those tools and their associated data are connected and feeding into one location is even more important. Enter PlexTrac, the centralized cybersecurity platform for all your favorite security tools.



Informational Series


The Path to Adversary Emulation

Join experienced cybersecurity leaders Jorge Orchilles, Maril Vernon, and Dan DeCloss as they discuss actionable steps to level up your offensive security game.


Hack Your Pentesting Routine

Nick and Joe detail the key tools, techniques, and processes you can use to improve effectiveness and efficiency throughout EVERY step of the pentesting lifecycle.


Jumpstart Your Cybersecurity Career: An Expert Panel

Our panel of experts detail their unique paths and varied experiences, offer advice for those entering the industry, and detail valuable resources.

PlexTrac and Echelon Risk + Cyber

New Year's Cybersecurity Resolution: Creative and Continuous Pentesting

The cybersecurity threats we face are constantly evolving — so if your penetration testing routine doesn't evolve as well, you are putting yourself at risk.

PlexTrac and Atomic Red Team

Beyond Trends: Practical Cybersecurity Insights for 2022

2021 was an action packed year for breaches, attacks, and new threats. But what did we see from the defensive side of the house?

PlexTrac, BreachQuest, and CyberAcuView

Cover the Inevitable with Cybersecurity Insurance

Whether your organization is considering cybersecurity insurance or already receiving it, you will want to listen in to this expert panel discussion on how to navigate the rapidly growing and changing cybersecurity insurance industry.

PlexTrac, 7 Minute Security, and Asylas

Conquer Q4 as a Security Consultant

As a security consultant, Q4 is a busy time packed full of strict deadlines and endless deliverables. PlexTrac, Asylas, and 7 Minute Security have come together to share wisdom and strategies for surviving and thriving at the year’s end.

PlexTrac, SCYTHE, and MITRE Engenuity

Emulate and Educate: Let's Talk Adversary Emulation

Ransomware attacks have dominated headlines in the infosec industry this year... Are you protected? Do you even know where to start? We can help. Join Dan DeCloss of PlexTrac, Tim Schulz of SCYTHE, and Frank Duff of MITRE Engenuity for a webinar on putting principles of adversary emulation to work to strengthen your security posture.

SCYTHE and PlexTrac Present

Collaborate and Validate: Let's Talk Purple Teaming

Thank you for joining SCYTHE's Jorge Orchilles and PlexTrac's Shawn Scott in this interactive, thought-provoking discussion centered around our favorite topic: PURPLE TEAMING!

Secureworks and PlexTrac Present

Implementing MITRE ATT&CK in Your Compliance Strategy

Compliance is important, but security is king. Join PlexTrac and Secureworks for an educational co-branded webinar that will explain just how useful MITRE ATT&CK can be when used to inform your compliance strategy.

Fireside Chat

2020 Cybersecurity Recap: A Fireside Chat

Join PlexTrac’s Dan DeCloss and Shawn Scott and 7 Minute Security’s Brian Johnson and Joe Skeen for a lively discussion reflecting on the InfoSec field in 2020. The crew will also look ahead to 2021 and make their best New Year’s predictions on what might be coming next in cybersecurity.

Informational Webinar

The Pillars of a Successful Security Program

What marks a successful security program and how is it measured? Often it may be difficult to know where to start. Join MacKenzie Brown, Microsoft Detection and Response Team (DART); Shawn Scott, PlexTrac VP of Success and Air Force Cybersecurity Veteran; and Dan DeCloss PlexTrac Founder and 15-year Cybersecurity veteran for this informational webinar.

Wild West Hackin' Cast

Let's Talk About PlexTrac: Discussion and Demo

Our Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss was recently a guest on the post-show for Black Hill's "Wild West Hackin' Cast" webinar series with John Strand. In an excerpt from this cast, the group discusses PlexTrac, the many ways it makes security professional's lives easier, the new and upcoming features coming to the platform, and much more. You won't want to miss out on this discusson!

PlexTrac & SCYTHE Present

Dealin' With The Data

Join Security Weekly's Tyler Robinson, SCYTHE's Adam Mashinchi, and PlexTrac's Dan DeCloss for a discussion on how to "Deal With The Data". The discussion opens with Tyler outlining common headaches that red teamers must deal with at their jobs. The discussion then shifts from problems to solutions as SCYTHE and PlexTrac show how their platforms cure these headaches in real-time, both separately and through their new integration.

MITRE ATT&CK® Framework

Purple Teaming Made Easy With ATT&CK®

This webinar looks to inform viewers by teaching them how to structure a purple team engagement, use MITRE ATT&CK as a purple teaming framework, measure success against ATT&CK, effectively report ATT&CK-based purple teaming engagements, and much more!​


PlexTrac Update Series


Connect All Your Tools to PlexTrac

Tools are an important part of a cybersecurity team’s job… But making sure those tools and their associated data are connected and feeding into one location is even more important.


PlexTrac Like a Pro: Boost Efficiency and Effectiveness

A showcase of some of the exciting new and improved features and integrations introduced in PlexTrac this winter. You and your team will love the added capabilities.


PlexTrac for Pentesters: The Ultimate Cheat Code

This webinar will walk through the PlexTrac use case for pentesters and the many pain points that the platform can soothe for offensive security practitioners from Discovery all the way through the final report.

PlexTrac and BlindSPOT

The Benefits of Being Purple: Optimize Your Exercises

Dan DeCloss of PlexTrac and Ben Finke of OnDefend have come together for a webinar focused on remedying the historic pains associated with purple teaming. Together the duo will detail these struggles and set you on a path for success in your purple teaming journey.

New Year, New FREE Event

A 2021 New Year's Resolution: Empower Your Security Team

Join PlexTrac’s all-star team — Dan DeCloss, Shawn Scott, and Brian Neibaur — for an educational webinar outlining what you can do now to improve your security posture in 2021, how you can do more with less in the New Year, and the role PlexTrac can play to empower your security team.

Complex Assessments

Death to Excel!

In this month's PlexTrac feature update webinar, we dive deep into the many additions made to our Assessments module. PlexTrac gives users the ability to create and complete powerful assessments directly in the platform. These assessments can be as simple or complex as you'd like, and utilize radio buttons, custom input fields, and even attachments that relate directly to the context of a question. Hear about the many additions made to PlexTrac. See these additions in action. Watch now.

New Module

Runbooks for PlexTrac: Launch Party

Join Founder & CEO of PlexTrac's Dan DeCloss, Herjavec Group's Bobby Kuzma, and PlexTrac's VP of Success Shawn Scott for this live webinar. In this webinar, you can expect a deep dive into Runbooks. This includes a live demo of the new module, a look into many of the use cases now possible with Runbooks, a discussion on the pain points Runbooks addresses, and a live Q&A where all of your burning questions can be answered.

PlexTrac & 7 Minute Security Present

PlexTrac 101: School's in Session

Join 7 Minute Security's President Brian Johnson and PlexTrac's Founder and CEO Dan DeCloss for a lively discussion and demo on the PlexTrac platform. Together the duo run through many of the platform's key features, use cases, and the many headaches PlexTrac cures for security professionals. Additionally, the two respond to many of the participant's questions, comments, and concerns.

Episode 3

PlexTrac Like a Pro: What's the Tag Line?

The content of this webinar includes a look at all of the new powerful tagging capabilities possible on the PlexTrac platform. This includes tags for scope discriminaion, for post-processing of data, and for customized living risk registers. Additionally, there is a look at a new analytics feature: trend lines! As always PlexTrac also holds a Q&A session to answers your questions in real-time.

Episode 2

PlexTrac Like a Pro: Analysts and Analytics

The content of this webinar includes a deep look at many of the new features added to the platform in the last month, including a look into new analyst features, useful additions to the analytics module, and much more. Additionally, PlexTrac holds another Q&A session to answer your questions in real-time.

Episode 1

PlexTrac Like a Pro: Introduction

The content of this webinar includes a quick overview of PlexTrac for viewers, real-world use case demonstrations, a showcase of the many new features on the platform, announcements for upcoming features in the pipeline, and a live Q&A section.