Insightful Learning and Interaction Directly From Our All-Star Team

PlexTrac Webinars are designed to show you, the viewer, how to use PlexTrac most effectively. Whether you're a current user, a prospect looking to learn more, or just a fan of the InfoSec community, there is sure to be something compelling for you here.​

Informational Series

PlexTrac & SCYTHE Present

Dealin' With The Data (June 3rd, 2020)

Join Security Weekly's Tyler Robinson, SCYTHE's Adam Mashinchi, and PlexTrac's Dan DeCloss for a discussion on how to "Deal With The Data". The discussion opens with Tyler outlining common headaches that red teamers must deal with at their jobs. The discussion then shifts from problems to solutions as SCYTHE and PlexTrac show how their platforms cure these headaches in real-time, both separately and through their new integration.

MITRE ATT&CK® Framework

Purple Teaming Made Easy With ATT&CK®

This webinar looks to inform viewers by teaching them how to structure a purple team engagement, use MITRE ATT&CK as a purple teaming framework, measure success against ATT&CK, effectively report ATT&CK-based purple teaming engagements, and much more!​

PlexTrac Like a Pro Series

Episode 2

PlexTrac Like a Pro: Analysts and Analytics (May 27th, 2020)

The content of this webinar includes a deep look at many of the new features added to the platform in the last month, including a look into new analyst features, useful additions to the analytics module, and much more. Additionally, PlexTrac holds another Q&A session to answer your questions in real-time.

Episode 1

PlexTrac Like a Pro: Introduction (April 22nd, 2020)

The content of this webinar includes a quick overview of PlexTrac for viewers, real-world use case demonstrations, a showcase of the many new features on the platform, announcements for upcoming features in the pipeline, and a live Q&A section.