Get Familiar with Key PlexTrac Features.

Explore several core features PlexTrac offers or get a refresher on how to perform various tasks within the platform. New features are added frequently. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.


Get Started in Minutes Not Hours

Become productive immediately with PlexTrac’s web-based application. Use the cloud version or deploy in any environment with PlexTrac’s Docker Image.

Create and Export Reports

Produce Deliverables in Half the Time

Leverage default write-ups in PlexTrac’s WriteupsDB and include scanner results. Then, generate reports in default or custom-branded formats.


Add Videos and Screenshots

Provide explicit screenshots or video recordings in findings and reports to enable easy reproduction and resolution.

Status Tracking

Centralize Findings from All Sources

Manage a central repository of findings from all sources, including: pen tests, vulnerability scanners, internal/external audit, and more.

Authorize Users

Collaborate with Colleagues and Clients

Invite additional internal and external users into PlexTrac. Control access and permissions as necessary in the user management interface.