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Quality Assurance Workflows

Quality Assurance Workflows

Streamline Reporting QA in PlexTrac for Better Deliverables — Faster

Traditional pentest report QA methods are not conducive to effective communication and collaboration. The QA often occurs in a separate system (such as Word) from the report which leads to multiple revisions and version conflict. Even with multiple reviewers, the final report often contains errors. PlexTrac drives efficiency and collaboration in the QA workflow by supporting each stage and unique process — leading to higher-quality reports and a frictionless process. 

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Consolidate Reporting QA Processes in PlexTrac

By consolidating and automating the steps in the pentest reporting QA workflow, PlexTrac streamlines communication and collaboration, giving visibility to all stakeholders and ensuring a pristine deliverable on time, every time.  


PlexTrac Solution


Inefficient and ineffective QA collaboration methods occurring across different platforms result in excessive document revisions and version conflicts.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac provides an infrastructure to deliver a variety of services more efficiently and consistently, including adversary emulation, pentest and assessment reporting, and remediation.



Lack of a central place to track and update assignments leads to inefficient workflow handoffs and communications between QA stages.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac streamlines the workflow and eliminates external communications for tracking through QA stages.PlexTrac drives efficiency and keeps assigned operator(s) and reviewer(s) informed with automated emails of status changes and quick access to assignments for review.


No efficient way to build junior reviewers’ skills. Hands-on methods require highly skilled/paid team members to train juniors on reviewing, etc.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac’s change-tracking capabilities enable junior members to review and add changes and then a more senior reviewer can approve, reject, or adjust them. 



Errors occur in commonly used information, such as client name, start date, etc., as reports are copied and pasted together. Mistakes diminish the perceived quality of your work and erode client trust.

PlexTrac Solution:

PlexTrac helps drive 100% accuracy and eliminates the need to QA reports for incorrect information. Shortcodes let users enter values into the client- and report-level fields to automatically pull information into the report.


QA Workflows in PlexTrac

Collaborate to Perfect Your Reports Directly in the Platform

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