PlexTrac Update Release Notes — August 6th, 2020

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August 6th, 2020

While the preponderance of development work at PlexTrac continues to focus on our exciting new Runbooks module, we’ve still found the cycles to deliver some exciting new features in addition to important performance enhancements and bug fixes.

If we are hosting for you, you already have this functionality or will in the coming days. Self-hosting? Check out the link at the bottom to get to the documentation for performing updates.

Import / Export Assessments

Many of our Clients rely upon our Assessments module to perform a variety of tasks today, spanning everything from 500+ control framework-based assessments to simple pre-engagement scoping surveys. Users can now export and import these Assessments as JSON files. This feature has a multitude of use cases, to include:

  • Sharing of standardized question sets for both popular and highly specific assessment frameworks
  • File-based archiving of important Assessments to ensure rapid restoration in the event of interruption in availability
  • Versioning / Tailoring of question sets, e.g. to limit assessed controls to the required maturity level of the recipient

You will find the export feature in multiple locations. When reviewing all available Assessments, an additional action button is available for rapid exportation:

You can also export an Assessment while building / editing, enabling snapshotting of your progress:

The import feature is available from the Manage Questionnaires page:

Re-Design of the UI in Edit Finding Page

We’ve re-skinned the Edit Finding page, bringing the new easy-on-the-eyes theme to this highly used section:

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where sort-by-severity was not working when viewing findings in a report
  • Fixed issue where inclusion of capital characters in an image extension prevented the upload of images to the Findings Screenshots section
  • Fixed issue where some users experienced significant lag when entering characters when performing a search bar search
  • Fixed issue preventing the importation of assets from a Nmap XML discovery scan into Client Assets

Updating Your Instance

If you are self-hosting your PlexTrac Instance, gain access to all these enhancements by updating to the latest release using the procedure documented here:

Encountering a friction point? You can always obtain email support by dropping us a line at Feel like your issue would be better addressed with a screen share? Self-schedule a Zoom support slot using this link:

Our development roadmap is 100% driven by our customer requirements. If you have an idea for how PlexTrac can better support your needs, drop us a line!


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