PlexTrac Partners with the Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division

PlexTrac will help SOS ensure election security and voter confidence for Idahoans

May 18th, 2020

Boise, Idaho – The Idaho Secretary of State Elections Division has contracted with PlexTrac, Inc., a fast-growing Boise-based cybersecurity company, to help safeguard election processes in the 2020 election season. The PlexTrac platform will allow the Idaho SOS cybersecurity team to collaborate effectively across all counties for reporting and tracking of security related issues.

With election security making national headlines, the Office of the Idaho Secretary of State understands the importance of voter confidence and finding the right partners to help ensure it. Digital election security is more critical than ever after a primary season during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic where election processes nationwide must adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Using the PlexTrac platform, the SOS Elections Division will have unprecedented visibility over security assessments across all county election systems.

“We are confident in our choice to partner with PlexTrac for election security because of its comprehensive platform for connecting all our security experts across the state and because it is an up and coming Idaho company earning nationwide respect. PlexTrac will help the SOS Election Division achieve our priority of modernizing the security of the Idaho election system,” said Foster Cronyn, Deputy Secretary of State.

PlexTrac founder and CEO Dan DeCloss said, “We are excited about the opportunity to work with the SOS Elections Division in our home state. The initiative of the Idaho Secretary of State in adopting a proactive mindset for election security is impressive and forward thinking.”

The Office of the Secretary of State, headed by the Honorable Lawerence Denney, is responsible for overseeing Idaho business services, elections, and other government services. The Elections Division works to ensure the accuracy and integrity of Idaho’s elections. By maintaining and modernizing the security and integrity of the Idaho election system, every voice can be heard and every vote counted accurately.

PlexTrac, Inc. is a fast-growing cybersecurity company driven by a mission to improve the security posture of organizations and security teams of all sizes. The PlexTrac solution is a software platform focused on streamlining the reporting and remediation of cybersecurity risks and aiding efficient collaboration within security teams. Supporting organizations using a purple teaming paradigm, PlexTrac serves as the central communication hub to aggregate all of the components of an organization’s cybersecurity program.

About Lawerence Denney

Lawerence Denney has served the people of Idaho since 1990. His public service began as a representative in District 13 and, following redistricting, he became a representative in District 9 until 2014. During that time, Denney served two terms as Majority Leader and three terms as Speaker of the House before successfully running for state office. He is currently in his second term as Idaho’s Secretary of State.

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