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Welcome, Hacker Valley Listeners!

If you love Hacker Valley’s top-notch lineup of cybersecurity podcasts as much as we do, you’ll love PlexTrac. Curious why? Book a demo to see the platform in action. We also hope you’ll check out our research report with CyberRisk Alliance entitled “The Power of Purple Teaming.”

Learn more about us, get more details on the white paper, and download your copy below!

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For Every Security Pro

An Introduction to PlexTrac

PlexTrac is the cybersecurity platform that empowers continuous assessment, automated workflow, and effective collaboration between teams.

Research Report

The Power of Purple Teaming

Findings from a September 2021 Research Study with CyberRisk Alliance.

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What’s Inside

PlexTrac sponsored research with CyberRisk Alliance to better understand how cybersecurity teams are using emerging strategies like adversary emulation and purple teaming to combat growing ransomware threats. This report details the findings of a survey of 315 IT and cybersecurity decision-makers and influencers. 

Key findings cover

  • The challenges reported by teams using traditional pentesting methods
  • The growing popularity of purple teaming
  • The benefits of purple teaming for improved collaboration
  • The heightened security achieved by teams using purple teaming

For Blue Teams

Change Your Life as a Blue Teamer

PlexTrac offers Blue Teams a powerful platform to aggregate, remediate, and communicate security findings in one central location.

For Red Teams

Change Your Life as a Red Teamer

PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of security reports so Red Teams can focus on getting the real cybersecurity work done.