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If you love Hacker Valley’s top-notch lineup of cybersecurity podcasts as much as we do, you’ll love PlexTrac. Curious why? Book a demo to see the platform in action. We also hope you’ll check out our Blue Team Content Bundle, featuring Power of Purple Teaming and Pillars of a Successful Security Program.
Learn more about us, find more details on these white papers, and get your bundle below!

White Papers

Blue Team Content Bundle

Two of our popular thought leadership pieces delivered in one package.

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What’s Inside

Two of PlexTrac’s content pieces focused on improving effectiveness, efficiency, and security posture — Power of Purple Teaming and Pillars of a Successful Security Program — are included in our Blue Team Content Bundle, available exclusively for Hacker Valley listeners.

Key takeaways in Power of Purple Teaming include

  • The major challenges reported by teams using traditional pentesting models
  • The growing popularity of purple teaming
  • The benefits of purple teaming for improved collaboration between red and blue teams
  • The heightened security achieved by teams using purple teaming

Key takeaways in Pillars of a Successful Security Program include

  • Insight into the strategy behind mature programs
  • Information on proactive security and risk management
  • Advice for working with and influencing the human element
  • Tips for prioritizing, goal setting, and demonstrating success

For Every Security Pro

An Introduction to PlexTrac

PlexTrac is the cybersecurity platform that empowers continuous assessment, automated workflows, and effective collaboration between teams.

Enterprise Teams

Bringing Red and Blue Teams Together

PlexTrac brings Red and Blue Teams together for better collaboration, communication, and coordination.

Penetration Test Teams

The Best Pentest Teams Trust PlexTrac

PlexTrac helps you deliver better security reports in half the time.

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PlexTrac supercharges the efforts of cybersecurity teams of any size in the battle against attackers.

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