PlexTrac for Red Teamers

There’s a PlexTrac for Every Security Team

Better security reports delivered in half the time… Sounds good doesn’t it? While yes, rapid reporting is a core feature of the PlexTrac experience, for red teamers, there’s much more than meets the eye on The Purple Teaming Platform.

There’s a PlexTrac for Everyone is a blog series designed to show the depth and versatility that makes PlexTrac the mission critical platform for security teams of all shapes and sizes. This time around, we’re going to be diving deep into red team functionality, including internal pentesting, proactive security assessments, and bug bounty programs…

To learn more about PlexTrac as a red team solution, click here. Additionally, we have a white paper written by red teamers for red teamers titled Writing a Killer Penetration Test Report that is free to read.

Internal Pentesting: PlexTrac’s Bread and Butter

There’s no way around it — reporting sucks. But what was once a time suck filled with complex findings and an endless number of inefficiencies is now a powerful, simple, and pain-free process using PlexTrac’s web-based reporting engine. Let’s dive a little deeper into PlexTrac’s pentesting use case: 

On the platform, PlexTrac users can add, import, and document findings from all of a pentesters various sources. These findings are extremely customizable, with the ability to include supplementary screenshots, code snippets, and videos at the finding level. These findings can also be categorized, tagged with custom labels, or even assigned to a specific asset or assets.

Additionally, you can easily reuse writeups from your most common findings using PlexTrac’s Writeups Module. This removes inconsistencies from your work and also allows findings to be easily dropped into your pentest report and stored for use in future reports.

Finally, once the pentest is complete, a red teamer can easily generate powerful, custom-branded reports that are easily shareable — whether that’s online through our client portal or with a simple export to Word.

At the end of the day, organizations should want their best penetration testers to focus more on hacking and less on writing and formatting. PlexTrac eliminates the drudgery of pentest reporting so red teamers can focus on the real, mission critical cybersecurity work.

Proactive Security Assessments: Both Compliance and Security

Compliance and security go hand-and-hand in cybersecurity. PlexTrac’s Assessments Module makes it simple for red teamers to collect information through questionnaires, refine and enhance the results they receive, and package said findings in our Reports Module.

Engagements are easy to begin, especially if you’re working with a popular assessment framework like PCI, the CIS Top 20, or CMMC. Additionally, PlexTrac’s Assessment Module gives you ultimate flexibility by allowing you to create your own assessments from scratch. These assessments are built once and then saved for easy modification and reuse.

Once users take your assessment in the PlexTrac platform, the results are refined and enhanced. For instance, supporting artifacts like screenshots and code snippets can be attached to individual questions. Additionally, findings from your questionnaire assessments can be tagged for greater organization. This information can be brought directly into PlexTrac’s Reports and Analytics Modules, where it may be sliced and diced with filters.

And let’s talk about reporting! PlexTrac’s Reports Module let’s users present findings from proactive assessments both efficiently and effectively. Commonly seen deficiencies and recommendations can easily be carried over from an assessment to a report. These reports, like discussed in the previous section, let you bolster findings with evidence and materials, and are easily distributable.

Between the ease of creation and distribution of assessments and the power of organizing and reporting findings, PlexTrac is the ideal platform to conduct your organization’s proactive security assessments.

Bug Bounty Programs: Plug and Play

When running a bug bounty program, you need a centralized platform that allows you to document, report, analyze all of your findings from a variety of sources. PlexTrac, as a best-in-class workflow management platform, empowers you to do just that.

PlexTrac is the only platform on the market that provides both red teams and blue teams with a single interface on which to both report and remediate findings. This interface provides users with complete documentation of all findings with detailed attribution and — even better — a clear and complete view of your security posture.

Additionally, as a bug bounty program, you undoubtedly employ a vast number of tools to obtain important data. With PlexTrac’s open API system you can plug and play immediately, allowing you to aggregate all of your security-related data into one platform for reporting and analytics.

And speaking of analytics… PlexTrac’s Analytics Module allows you to get granular with your security posture. The module clearly highlights where your program is strongest — and more importantly — where it’s weakest. In cybersecurity knowledge is power, and this knowledge will help you stay secure and continuously measure your improvement.

Security Workflow Management: Purple Teaming Collaboration

As a red teamer, whether you’re using the platform for internal pentesting, proactive security assessments, your bug bounty program, or for another use case altogether, rest assured that there are PlexTrac features out there that will help you work more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to a slew of red and blue functionality, the platform also looks to unify security teams of all makeups, emphasizing the need for purple teaming collaboration. Gone are the days of siloed teams and an adversarial relationship between red and blue. Instead, use PlexTrac to employ a program of continuous assessment and watch your security posture strengthen.

From one-person security consultancies to large security enterprises, and everything in between, there’s a PlexTrac for everyone.

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