Meet Stratus Cyber

PlexTrac Client Spotlight

PlexTrac is pleased to partner with and claim as clients some of the most innovative organizations in their respective industries. We are thrilled to help these companies get the real cybersecurity work done, and we want to introduce them to everyone we know.

Meet Stratus Cyber

Stratus Cyber, this is everybody. Tell us about yourself.

Stratus Cyber is a technical cybersecurity company providing Security Automation, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Security Operations, and Compliance services to commercial and federal clients. We help our clients become and stay secure and compliant in the most resource efficient manner possible, leveraging efficient business processes and automation. Our new security automation platform, JetStream, is the result of our drive to make our own security services easier and more efficient. Our clients include commercial and federal agencies such as the Office of Comptroller of Currency, USDA, FCC, FDIC, and NOAA.

For those you haven’t bumped into you yet, how long have you been around?

Since October 2016.

Where can we look you up if we want to chat more?

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