The Pain of Individual Approaches and Non-Standardized Processes for Cybersecurity Remediation — Solved!

Pain Points Addressed by Runbooks for PlexTrac

Cybersecurity strategy should entail far more than defense and reaction. Planning and preparation for attacks based on best practices and researched frameworks is a critical part of a robust security program. Few would dispute this statement, but there are many challenges to implementing this strategy.

A major pain point for CISOs seeking to organize teams with offensive mindsets is a lack of standardized processes for either red or blue team engagements. Without standardization, a cybersecurity team isn’t making best use of resources—human or otherwise—or of researched-supported strategy.

A team of professionals, however adept, is not as effective if working only as individuals. Individual approaches, even if successful, are hard to replicate in the future or track across the team making their usefulness extremely limited. Lack of standardization is particularly challenging for conducting effective purple teaming engagements.

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Standardize Your Methodologies

If you know what your “go-to” strategies are to remediate various techniques, your team members can employ them quickly every time they occur – whether in a planned event or a real-life attack. Most importantly, those go to methodologies need to be recorded somewhere so they are accessible when the time comes to use them. Archiving detailed situational plans creates playbooks for engagements that everyone regardless of their experience can execute every time.

Runbooks for PlexTrac is the solution for recording your plays. Track every typical incident response strategy in one place. Maintain a database of your methodologies that isn’t static but rather active and available and searchable. While other playbooks may sit in a drawer, Runbooks integrates with tools and platforms needed to actually execute the planned processes.

Script Your Activities to Support Junior Testers

Another problem for CISOs trying to stay ahead of the curve is finding experienced personnel. The coronavirus pandemic has only exacerbated a problem that has been building for years. Good cybersecurity help is hard to find. Consequently, a team may have a number of less experienced personnel who need more support to achieve the team goals.

Training junior team members takes time. But if they have a clear plan to follow, even less experienced team members can execute the protocols. Runbooks for PlexTrac puts detailed scripts at the literal fingertips of everyone. Quickly and easily search the database of plays and find an executable solution ready to put into action. In this scenario, every team member is ready to contribute to the program and to respond with best practices even under pressure.

Leverage Existing Frameworks or Create Your Own

Incident response is so much better when based on research. When a team isn’t just reacting on instinct to an incident but instead strategically and thoroughly targeting the breach with tried and true best practices, they are much more likely to catch a problem early and mitigate the damage more efficiently. Plenty of frameworks already exist to help with threat modeling and planning—like MITRE ATT&CK—and can direct teams through effective remediation strategies. Or you may have your own structure perfect for your organizational context. The key is putting them to work in your cybersecurity program.

Runbooks for PlexTrac provides a place to strategically match your preferred framework to the context of your organization. Match your scripts to step in the framework to ensure a thorough response plan. In Runbooks you can leverage the power of existing paradigms, moving them from good theory to actionable processes.  

Having a strong foundation of response plans and standardized methodologies is half the battle. You also need to be able to access those plans to execute when the pressure is on. Runbooks for PlexTrac solves your standardization headaches by serving as your one stop, fully integrated and accessible knowledge database customizable to your organizational context.

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