Check Out All the Cool New Features Just Released!

We have been doing a lot of work on improving PlexTrac and are excited to highlight many of those updates in the October 2018 release notes.

In this update, you’ll see a summary of the following features and updates:

Without further ado, here are your updates!


Not sure how to begin your Cybersecurity Program?  

Want to build a questionnaire to help with assessments?

Want to track your progress against popular frameworks?

Want to create your own audit questionnaire?

We’ve got you covered!  We now support the ability to build and take questionnaires that create reports based on the answers:

Create an Assessment: PlexTrac assessments come in the form of questionnaires.  For the initial launch pre-loaded with questionnaires for the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Top 20 Critical Security Controls.  We’ll continue to load additional baseline questionnaires, but you can also create your own.  Here’s how:










Take an Assessment: When you are ready to take an assessment based on a questionnaire, simply do the following:










Jira Integration


Want to create Jira tickets from individual findings in PlexTrac?  We now support Jira cloud integration so you can do just that!  We felt that this feature was so important, we created a separate post just for it.  Find out how to integrate Jira here:



New Graphs and Metrics!

We are continuing to listen and build out more features to help everyone who uses PlexTrac.  As requested, you can now see a snapshot of current findings and their status in multiple locations.

Import PlexTrac Reports

Now you can deliver and receive PlexTrac reports without any kind of copy and paste from other document formats!  We’ve supported the export of PlexTrac format reports, now you can import those directly into your instance or account within PlexTrac.  There are several places to do this:

From here it will ask you if you want to keep the original client details in the report, which is create a new client in your instance.  Or you can select a current client to assign it to.  Once you’ve made your selection, you can select the report for import.


Tool Imports and Integrations

The arsenal of tool imports is ever increasing!  Since we last updated you, we’ve added support to import Veracode, RapidFire tools, and Nipper scans into PlexTrac to help deliver and track test results from a central location.  PlexTrac now supports imports from the following tools:


Bug fixes

As a side note, if you encounter any odd UI behavior, you might need to refresh the page and then report it to us immediately so we can fix it for you!

Please report any bugs to

Wow, that’s a ton of stuff, but we’re aiming to make your lives easier – not only when it comes to making reporting easier, but also tracking and fixing your issues.  We hope you enjoy the latest features in PlexTrac and keep those feature requests coming!

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