Check Out All the Cool New Features Just Released

We have been doing a lot of work on improving PlexTrac and are excited to highlight many of those updates in the Q1 2018 release notes.

In this update, you’ll see a summary of the following features and updates:

Without further ado, here are your updates!


Want your own, dedicated instance of PlexTrac?

We’ve got you covered!  We now support multiple models:




Branding with logos

You can now add that unique, custom touch to your account and reports.  The latest PlexTrac release allows you to add your logo to your account as well as add a logo for each client.  The logos help provide your branding throughout the platform and add a nice finishing touch to report exports.

To add a tenant logo (currently only available to licensed customers):

To add a client logo:

Enhanced Report Exports

Exporting reports is getting better and better.  Now you can export a report to three formats:

If you’ve added a logo for your client or tenancy, they’ll show up in the title page automatically when you export to Word or PDF.

*Ptrac exports can be used to easily parse to another format and we will soon support import to another instance of PlexTrac. So if you have a vendor or client that uses a separate instance, report delivery can be seamless to multiple instances of PlexTrac. Stay tuned for this awesome feature!


Tool Imports and Integrations

Acunetix is new on the block!  Easily import Acunetix scans into PlexTrac to help deliver and track results from a central spot.  Acunetix imports work the same way as the rest of our tool integrations.  PlexTrac now supports imports from the following tools:


Granular authorization and access control

We have refreshed our authorization model and now support assigning a default group to your tenancy.  If a user in your tenancy is assigned to the “Default Group” that user will automatically be assigned with the corresponding privilege level to any new client created by any other user in your tenancy.


Reminder on privilege levels:

Bug fixes

Wow, that’s a ton of stuff, but we’re aiming to make your lives easier – not only when it comes to making reporting easier, but also tracking and fixing your issues.  We hope you enjoy the latest features in PlexTrac and keep those feature requests coming!