Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend wouldn’t be complete without a jam-packed set of awesome updates in PlexTrac.  We have some exciting new features just added in our November release and one bug fix.

In this update, you’ll see a summary of the following features and updates – Executive Summary, UX improvements for Status Tracking, Adding and Authorizing Users to a Client, and a bug fix in MFA to support additional authenticator apps (NOTE: you will have to reset your MFA code).  So, without further ado, here’s the update:


Executive Summary

Now you can add and view an executive summary for each report.  The table and graphs are generated automatically based on the status of the findings within the report.  The executive summary can be viewed in the following locations:


You can also add additional information to the report including an Introduction, Methodology, and Summary.  To add this information to the report to the following:

Finally, the ability to edit the report details and overall report status can be done at the end of the summary report seen here:

New Ways to View and Edits Status Updates

A couple of UX enhancements have been made to make it even easier to view and update the status of findings.  Now anywhere you select the status of a flaw, a dropdown will appear and display the status updates.  This means you don’t need to browse back and forth to view the status of the finding.  You can also add an update from the same dropdown, keeping you in the zone for the issue you’re working on.



Authorize Users to a Client:

You may not have realized it, but you can provide access to any user for any of your clients.  When you create a client, you’re assigned the administrator privileges by default for that client.  This allows you to authorize access to the client for other users.  This provides you flexibility to allow your team members and clients to collaborate on their reports.


There are currently three primary roles – Administrator, Tester, and Analyst.  The client Administrator can authorize users to the client, create reports, and create and edit findings.  A Tester can create reports and create/edit findings.  The Analyst role can only provide status updates.  This role is ideal for the recipient of your report, where he/she cannot edit the findings, but can add status updates and change the status progression through to Closed.


To authorize users for a client, do the following:



MFA Bug Fix

We fixed a bug in our MFA implementation that now supports all versions of Google Authenticator as well as other popular applications such as Authy and Duo.  Unfortunately, due to the bug fix, you will need to reset your secret code.  If you previously enabled your account for MFA it has been disabled.  All you need to do is login and re-enable your account for MFA in exactly the same fashion as before.